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New PharmaTex study to lessen spread of COVID-19


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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – PharmaTex Research, a clinical research facility in Amarillo, is taking steps with a new study that aims to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“A virus is able to mutate very easily which is why it’s still around,” says Dr. David Brabham, president, PharmaTex Research. “Our current strain is causing very little disease but certainly is present in a lot of households.”

The study is a pill taken twice a day for five days and the researchers will monitor the symptoms of the participants for a month.

To participate, someone in your household must test positive for COVID-19 and you must be unvaccinated.

“The population is unique here to west Texas,” says Dr. Brabham. “We want our population to be represented as we’re trying to figure out what medicines are and are not going to work in these kinds of trials.”

200 people were enrolled in a previous COVID-19 trial and PharmaTex believes people will also be interested in the prevention of COVID-19.

“It’s great to give them options where there are not any right now,” says Megan Hazelrigg, clinical research coordinator, PharmaTex Research. “We don’t have any approved prophylactic medications.”

The study is free and participants can make up to $1,300.

“It’s a difficult time with the cost of everything right now,” says Hazelrigg. “This study actually reimburses them for their time and their travel so they are able to also make a little bit of extra money to help with those expenses.”

The study started in August and will be concluded in November.

“If there’s a preventative measure we would like to participate in the research to find that,” says Hazelrigg.

To sign up for the study call (806) 355-2581.

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