Why Am I So Depressed?

Why Am I So depressed?
To answer this question, we must first examine what feeling depressed means or what depression means.  Depression is such a menace that when it set in, it is usually unnoticed by the one depressed and the people around in its early stage.
Depression is a canker that eats into the soul gradually. It comes with feelings of loneliness in a world populated with over 7.7 billions of people. It comes with feelings of total separation though in the midst of multitude.
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When an individual is depressed, nothing is ever pleasing to such an individual because it makes the individual to lost interest in virtually everything and everyone around even in things that was once of interest to him/her. In most cases the individual also start feeling inferior and dejected.
According to the United state medical analysis, depression is a potentially life-threatening mood disorder that affects 1 in 6 persons in the United States, or approximately 17.6 million Americans each year.
Depressed patients according to this analysis are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Thus depression  is the second leading cause of disability worldwide and the leading cause of disability in high-income nations, including the United States.
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However depression is not a sin neither a death sentence. It’s just a negative feelings(mood disorder) that arises as a result of so many factors like failed relationship, failed business engagement, broken marriage, discouragement,lost of job, lost of loved  ones,rejections,lack, rape incident, betrayals, negative addictions and so many others. Depression is not automatic. It grows gradually from mere sadness to anger to self blame and self pity to inferiority complex. The chain is endless except the individual cry out.
Peradventure your current state reflects the feelings I have discussed above, it simply means you’re depressed. Depression is not a death sentence because there’s way out of depression.
However, it  can result to death when the individual chose to die in silence. That’s when the individual refused to open up to friends or people around because depression brings about suicidal thought and when the individual start to feel dejected it becomes very easy for that individual to execute those suicidal thought.
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Thus one will remained depressed for as  long as the individual remains indoor or often withdraw to himself without sharing his feelings with people around or seeing a counselor. In the same vein you must strive to let go of those negative thought and the memories of whatever actions you took that resulted into your current state otherwise you will remained so depressed.

How To Stop Being Depressed

Like I mentioned above, there’s a way out of depression if only you can follow six(6) simple but effective  guidelines.
Now having observed that you are experiencing mood disorder resulting in feeling inferior, sad, lost of appetite, feeling bored unnecessarily or becoming incessantly worried over nothing, you already know you are depressed. So to put an end to such mood disorder you should:
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1. Acknowledge that what you are feeling or experiencing is not good for your over all health and being willing to let it go
2. Depression sometimes comes with aggressive feelings towards people around and boredom or insecurity. So you must strive to hang around people who are fun lovers, not people who are consuming alcohol to hide their sorrows. Associate with people who radiate genuine happiness. Engage in conversation that result in amusement. Something you can laugh about because laughter relief’s you of stress and depression as it enlighten and brighten your mood.
3. Acknowledge that no life is problem free. When you come to the realization that everyone has a problem in one way or the other, it will help you to love your self knowing that there could be someone out there whose state(problem) is worse compare to yours because inferiority complex comes the moment you start hating your self or rating yourself badly.
In other word pat yourself, compliment yourself even in that depressed state because no one can truly help you manage your feelings better than you so you must help your self in the process so that others efforts towards you can yield positive result.
4. Pray! Pray to whichever God you believed in. It strengthen as it help unburdened your heart or mind. God still send that still voice to calm storm remember? So pray your feelings up and play it down. I must say its not easy but you must strive to get yourself out of depression. Its not about the duration it all about your sincere need for a way out!
5. Cry out! Share your feelings with people around you or friends. Don’t bottle up things. Don’t die in silence. How will I give you paracetamol if you don’t tell me you have headache? How will I give you a glass of water if you didn’t say you are thirsty? It is in crying out or sharing your feelings that people can help you out. Except every one around you are soothsayer which is impossible.
6. Go out! Leave your comfort zone. Make new friends if possible and avoid whatever brings about the memories of whatever led to the depression and stop blame game. Blaming anyone for your situation will further sadden your mood so avoid it and strive to let go.

Leader Abiyone

Abiyone Ejenavi Leader is a freelance writer. Started her professional writing in 2015. Published her first book titled ''The determined man'' in 2016 and ''You and the mirror'' in 2018 respectively. She is a law graduate of National Open University of Nigeria. Email: leaderwealthresourses@gmail.com

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