What To Say To Someone Who’s Depressed

The word depression should not even slip off your tongue to a depressed person in any conversation you are having with that person. Don’t ever say to a depressed person that he/she is depressed. It may be true that him/her is depressed but just don’t say it.
Talk about things that you know have a way of making him/her laugh so as to shift the person attention to something else different from that depressed feelings or experience.
If you are close to the depressed person then talk about the good old days. Talk about what he/she did like to discuss if he/she wasn’t depressed. Compliment the victim and encourage him/her about something new and of good prospect.
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Talk about something silly enough to make him/her laugh because laughter has a way of brightening and lighting up one’s mood. Engage the depressed person in playful activities. Tease the person to a state of laughter so you can shift the person’s mind off that canker called depression.
In other word you are to play a jester role for that depressed person just to get the person off that depressed feelings.

How to know if you are depressed

Anybody can be depressed and anybody can also come out of depression. The most important thing is the ability to monitor your feelings and decide how and what you did want to be feeling. So maybe you are already depressed and you don’t know or you are thinking its malaria symptoms hahaha..just kidding but honestly you sure need to understand your feelings like the doctors would say know your HIV status to save yourself and others around you.
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So let’s examine your feelings. No offence you promise right?
Like I discussed earlier, depression come with a truck load of negative feelings, so if you are experiencing any of the feelings below then you have to do something really quick about. Hey this is not to make you scared but to put you on a safer side:
1. When you start feeling lonely or bored in gathering where people are catching fun, it’s a sign of depression.
2. When what seems pleasant or pleasurable to you before suddenly becoming disgusting to you, it’s a sign of depression. Hey am not talking about morality here.
3. When you suddenly lost appetite even in your favorite food. Sometimes we mistake this feelings for malaria symptoms but it goes beyond that.
4. Assuming you are a music lover and music suddenly becomes noisy or irritative to you. Its a sign of depression.
5. If you are married with kids and suddenly your kids fun time with you suddenly becomes boring and burdensome that you just want the kids to be silent by all means. That’s a red signal of depression and you need to see a doctor or a counselor immediately.
6. Maybe you are the gentle, easy going type but suddenly you see yourself exhibiting aggressive attitude towards people unnecessarily, feeling insecure and shunning every act of correction you need to cry out for help because that’s a sign of depression and you have to immediately talk to people close to you about your feelings so things don’t go wrong.
If any of the above has helped you in a way or you feel there’s something I fail to mentioned please feel free to mentioned it. Just drop a comment it will be highly appreciated.

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