What To Do When You Are Depressed

In one of my series on depression I discussed in dept about what depression is all about, the dangers of being depressed, signs of depression that people mostly assumed to be malaria symptoms, several root causes of depression and so on..In this series I will take you step down on what you can do when you or any one around you is depressed. Peradventure. You don’t know the various signs of depression you can read my previous post – How to know if you are depressed .
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Now am  assuming you have read that series so we can go on to discussed what you can do when you are depressed.
1. Examine your feelings and talk to people (close friends or relatives) about your feelings even if you feel awkward about it
2. Avoid being alone whether at home or at work. I know depression often make its victim to want to isolate themselves from people so as to trap them with suicidal thoughts. So to avoid this danger it is advisable to go out and make new friends.
3.  Avoid gathering that brings back that sad memories. For example attending a funeral when you are depressed is suicidal to your overall health because when you see others weeping over their lost love one you will be tempted to think that it is better off dying than to be alive wandering in pains. This is why most people commit suicide. So to shift your mind off that sad mood you can go watch a movie especially comedy series. Don’t go watching movies featuring love episode especially if you are a victim of failed relationship (heartbreak)because that can traumatize you.
4. Like  its usually written on those counter drugs ” See a doctor or counselor ” if the depressed feelings persist. So on this note I will say go see a doctor or a counselor.
5. One thing is to see a doctor or a counselor and another thing is to follow their advises. So when you are able to see any(doctor or counselor) strive hard to follow whatever advises you get. Don’t start reasoning out like some people do because at this time even your reasoning is faulted so you need to get yourself healed of that feelings and follow whatever advises you are given.
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6. Avoid those things or the people that led you into that depressed state because you don’t need them until you are fine so their presence around you won’t arouse bad feelings in you as that could make things worse you know.
7. God to church and pray to God and not your pastor. Maybe you are not even a Christian yet, God understand but try to be one or better still just pour out your heart to your creator in whichever name you did believed.
8. Clear your mind off worrisome thought before going to bed. This is very important so you can have a good rest because depression is usually strengthened with worrisome thought. By that I mean going to bed with truck loads of worrisome thought has a way of draining up your health which further make you depressed. So you have to clear those junks off your mind before bed time however difficult it may seems . Its very important so you can’t overlook it.
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9. Finally eat right and eat well enough to keep your body and mind in perfect shape. Starving yourself because you have an issues won’t solve the issue at all. It  will only make you weak and even confused. Funny is hunger actually has a way of showing you images that doesn’t exist. Hunger comes with anger or aggressive behavior and that you don’t need.
If any of the above discussed steps or guide on what to do when depressed has helped you in any way please feel free to comment or Peradventure there’s one or two you did expect me to discuss that I didn’t also feel free to comment on it so we can together rid off or reduce the rate of depression in our neighborhood.

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