What Does Mind Management Entails ?

The mind is usually defined as the faculty of an entity’s thoughts and consciousness. Its a basic necessity to the human existence in addition to the heart for a meaningful living .

However, while the heart can been seen and  touched, the mind is not so being an abstract factor in the human composition.

The mind is to the body what an engine is to the  car just as a faulty engine will result in stressful ride so also will unsound mind result in costly mistakes and bad decision making.

Hence the saying that where the mind go, the man go.. This is so because the mind is the engine room for decision making and all thoughts which are prerequisite for same.

So, when a wrongful thought is produced from that engine room (the mind), it will reflect in the aftermath decision. Thus the needs for the mind management.

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What Then Does mind management Entails ?

First to managed the mind presupposes that the mind has the capacity to wander when left to its self..It also presupposed that it has the capacity of ruining the entire human life if not properly managed just as uncontrolled moving vehicle is prone to accident. Thus to managed the mind means to guard the mind from wandering into unwholesome thoughts which are capable of producing negative imagination and decision.
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The needs to managed the mind stem from the fact that every single act, decision, experiences whether negative or positive all arises from the mind. Hence the scriptural warning to keep the heart with all diligence for out it proceed the issues of life.. Such issues of life are such that could either make or Mar the man whose duty it is to control the mind..
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On this note I would also say that whatever perceptions one has about him/ herself  or about others is a bye product of what goes on in the mind. Thus when a man begins to see himself as a failure irrespective of how successful others may be seeing him to be, its just a matter of time for such a person to start reflecting that failure perspective he has of himself.
Mind management is a most to everyone who desire to live a meaningful and impact full life..

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