The Thought That Leads To Depression – Why Am I So Emotional?

In my previous post  i discussed the why though that leads to depression and ill health. In today’s post, I will be discussing certain emotional misconceptions in answer to this question ” why am I so emotional?” that people often ask in regret of failed relationship.Image result for Depressed

I must say here that this question often arise in a situation where one party is honest in all aspect of the relationship, willing to let go wrongs and hurts just to make peace and to keep the relationship going but often ends with the feelings of been betrayed, loneliness, distrust and insecurity as a result of the other party’s attitudes maybe as a Casanova.

Thereafter you vow never to spill out those magic words ”I love you ” so easily again but here you are again screaming those same power words at every slightest opportunity you have with this your new catch (guy / babe)because you feel this is the right person, your perfect match as he/ she  makes your head spin and then things go sour again.

You start feeling emotionally robbed, cheated and  suddenly tears like river begins  to water down your cheeks amidst sobbing and then comes the blame game ” why am I so emotional ” ?. Truth is, you are yet to understand and master your emotions.Image result for Depressed

I must say here that everyone is emotional but some seems to appear too emotional because they lack self discipline emotionally as they are reactive rather than being proactive. When you learn to master your emotions, you will choose how to react per time to certain emotional issues that would have ordinarily drain you. You master your emotions by monitoring your feelings in relations to your overall health.

Have you ever wonder why two beautiful ladies fight naked in the street because of a man/guy? Or two men ganging up against themselves because of one lady? Does it mean they are jobless? No! The point is that they lack self discipline. They are yet to come to the realization that certain things are not meant to be. So striving to make it  to be brings about frustration, depression and emotional trauma. When you realize how precious your emotions is to you, you carefully manage it by choosing how to react to certain events and when its not working as desired, you moved on.Image result for Depressed

I must say I was once a victim of this but I learn to move on and choose the way I react even if  its contrary to what my emotions suggest until my emotions align with my reactions. Is it that easy to move on you say? The only difficult aspect in moving on  is accepting to move on  because until your mind agrees to move on, your body, emotions and others never shift base.

Thus if you feel too emotional and easily weakened emotionally, then let discipline be your guard. Control your mind. Never let your mind controls you just as you won’t allow your vehicle to control your driving.

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