The 7 facts that nobody tell you before about i-page

The 7 facts that nobody tell you before about i-page

  It’s the modern era of technology, where anybody can promote his idea by using the web

This saying can broad the outlook of any person related to the benefits of a website. In reality, the website is a platform through which you can bring your idea online. Like if you are a small business owner, a social worker, a skilled person or a celebrity, then the website is often a first mean of connecting with the potential customers and the audience. You can say it is the first impression of your company or services.

But here comes the question that

I want a website but who will do web hosting?

So let me answer it. Yah web hosting is very complicated subject, but there is someone who can fix this problem… I-page…it best in web hosting. It eliminates the complications and you will have a great experience with them. I-page helps you to create an online presence for today’s market.

Why is i-page so special?

I page is special because of its people and these customers and employees are the reason for its bright shine. Like many people gave reviews as

  • I love i-page customer services replies
  • Awesome support from i-page
  • They fixed my problem and gave me lessons through their blog etc

Hey, are you thinking about to make a website through I-page web hosting, so let me help you more?I am going to show the 7 facts that nobody tells you before.

7 facts related to i-page:

iPage has Outstanding Uptime and Performance

I-page is the cheapest hosting option for anyone with their good supporting services and due to their partnership with sidelock which solve the potential security problems or issues help you to sleep well.

Oops.. Now let me come to the main points and details…

      1. Inexpensive web hosting:

$1.99 per month. Is it not an excellent offer?

This offer makes it the cheapest web host available in the market. And this offer last for 12-36 months. So u can choose any deal.


      1. Good customer support:

I-page provides you the best support through phone, emails and lives chat despite being lowest cost provider. They provide all the answers with additional helpful details related to the question.

      1. Good security option:

Due to site lock security suite, you will become tension free because it is like a security frontline for your site. It will help to prevent the unwanted security breaches by scanning the malware issued. They also use a firewall for further security.

      1. Third party application support or integration options:

I page can easily connect with Google App, manyPaypal much more so it is useful for the ecommerce websites who want secure payment transaction.

      1. Good promotional pricing and quick facts:

It gives you a free domain. You can easily sign-up and make the payments through credit card or PayPal. It will also refunds the fee which is issue to credit card, but they charge $35 fee for early cancellation

      1. Installation of apps and CMSs (wordpress or joomla etc):

Through their control panel you can easily install the popular apps and CMSs. It is very easy to use vDeck control panel.

      1. Its amazing services (blog):

It’s a powerful website builder with a large selection of template. You can also take a complete guideline through its blog. It also gives eye capturing marketing tools like free listing and site analystic suit etc . So what are you waiting for…. Pitch your idea and take the help of i-page web hosting to build your website… and enjoy a peaceful life….

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