Ten Best Diesel Injector Cleaner 2018

Diesel engines are recognized as the world’s most efficient internal combustion engines because it has more power and it is more efficient than its counterpart engines of gasoline, compressed a natural gas or the liquefied natural gas powered engines.

Regular treatment and cleaning of the diesel injector engine are highly recommended because the cleaning process removes deposits and sediments from the system which improves overall performance and power of the diesel engine.

We have painstakingly gone through the different types of diesel injector cleaners and have come up with this list of the ten best diesel injector cleaner of 2018 that you can use to get optimum result.


  1. Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost – 32 fl. oz

This product is effective for removing free water from the system because its treatment cleans out the tank, diesel lines, and the injector.


  • The hot shot’s secret P040432Z coats the diesel tank and lines with a rust and corrosion inhibitor
  • It effectively lubricates the fuel pump and engine
  • It stabilizes the fuel and assists in the boosting of cetane.

  1. CRC 05232 Diesel Fuel Therapy Diesel Injector Cleaner Plus – 30 Fl Oz.

The CRC 05232 Diesel Fuel Therapy Diesel Injector Cleaner Plus has been manufactured with an emission reducing formula which has a rating that is superior in Cummins L-10 Test for Injector best cleanliness.


  • It improves and increases the power and fuel economy by up to 4%
  • It also increases the MPG and power of the system
  • It isn’t VOC compliant for California and OTC

  1. STP Diesel Fuel Treatment & Injector Cleaner 1.25 pt (20 fl oz) 591 ml

This product has been designed to quickly eliminate and remove any deposit build-up in a diesel engine.


  • It assists in ensuring that the diesel injector engine performs optimally.
  • It ensures that the injector is kept constantly clean and maintains a high lubricity of the diesel fuel which makes for the high performance of the engine.
  • It assists in the prevention or removal of the formation of wax gel and fights against freezing of the diesel line.


  1. Amsoil Diesel Injector Cleaner

The Amsoil Diesel Injector cleaner prolongs the time frame between the EGR and DPF regeneration which combats corrosion of the fuel system.


  • It treats and cleans, lubricates the pumps and Injector to reduce tear in the system
  • It assists in the improvement of diesel economy by up to 8%
  • It extends the life of the fuel filter
  • It assists in the restoration of the system to function in full power and torque.
  • It reduces or eliminates smoke and emissions from the system.

  1. Berryman (0518-6PK) Diesel Injector Cleaner – 15 oz

The Berryman (0518-6PK) Diesel Injector Cleaner contains detergents that are very effective for tank clean up of injector deposits.


  • It assists to restore fuel economy and reduces emissions in the system
  • It improves the engine performance its drivability
  • It eliminates moisture and contamination in the diesel injector system
  • It known to offer longer and better maintenance period of time in all low-sulfur diesel and ULSD fuels.

  1. CRC 05428 Diesel Fuel Therapy Diesel Injector Cleaner with Anti-Gel

The CRC 05428 Diesel Fuel Therapy Injector Cleaner with Anti-Gel has a unique feature which is its ability to prevent diesel from gelling in very cold temperatures.


  • It has a lower point of CFPP
  • It does reliquefies gelled fuel (diesel)
  • It adds lubricity to the system

  1. Hot Shot’s Secret HSSEDT16ZS Everyday Diesel Treatment – 16 fl. oz.

This is another product of Hot Shot’s Secret HSSEDT16ZS Everyday Diesel Treatment and it has a unique feature which is that it boosts up cetane level-up to 7% which improves the overall performance of the diesel injector engine.


  • This treatment improves the power of the system making the system to function optimally
  • It stabilizes the fuel and enhances the improvement in fuel economy
  • It adds lubricity to the injector engine

  1. Howes 103067 Meaner Power Diesel Kleaner

The Howes 103067 Meaner Power Diesel Kleaner was formulated and designed to treat and solve problems that were created by USLD.


  • This product cleans, treats and eliminates water and moisture from the system
  • It improves lubricity in the system
  • It enhances the elimination of injector deposits and improves combustion
  • It is fuel economy

  1. Lucas Oil 10873 Diesel Deep Clean, 64 oz.

The Lucas Oil 10873 Diesel Deep Clean, 64 oz is highly effective for the removal of moisture and water from the injector system and also improves the rate of acceleration of the engine.


  • The diesel deep cleaner reduces or removes the particulate matter in filters
  • It thoroughly cleans diesel injectors
  • It assists in the restoration of loss of power in the system
  • It quickly improves the acceleration in quick succession of the system
  • Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost

  1. Hi-Gear HG3438e Propower Diesel Injector Cleaner, 12 fl.oz.

The Hi-Gear HG3438e Propower Diesel Injector Cleaner is unique for its ability to not only function as a diesel injector cleaner but also increases and improves the Injector engine power and mileage.


  • Reduction of emissions in the injector system
  • It boosts the cetane levels
  • It is the recommended standard of ULSD
  • The treat rate is one bottle to a gallon

Basically, emission control in a diesel engine is vital to the longevity of engine which is the reason why personal efforts must be made to treat and clean the diesel injector engine to achieve near-zero emissions standards.

In general, diesel injector cleaners are essential to creating stability in the system and also help to enhance or ensure that the engine functions to full its capacity.

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