Survival instinct: How did we get here?….MUST WATCH VIDEO!

Just bumped into below video and it’s amazing just to see how these guys are climbing out from the window of the bus, this is solely survival instinct and good to see that not even one person involved is crying and shouting for help unnecessarily because they know that they are in between the devil and the deep blue sea and the only way out isn’t to panic but to be brave, hold on to the rope or jump over the pressured flowing water.

Even though a rescue team might just be on its way but like the popular safety saying goes “there’s no safety like that of common sense” which basically means that one must be calculative in actually doing the right thing before any professional team comes to the rescue.

But there are questions this is silently asking us?

How did that bus deviate from the road?

What is wrong with the driver of that bus?

We only hope and pray that everyone was successfully rescued.

Clearly, from the video, you would see that there is no barrier separating the road from the drainage or would I say the gully erosion path with which the water was flowing.

Obviously, our roads should be made safer for road users and proper demarcations and barriers are made to ensure that things like this do not occur where vehicles fell off the road into dishes and water paths like this.

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