Start-ups must get to know these Great Digital Marketing Tips

Every thriving business must get to know what digital marketing means because presently every organization must be found in the internet and digital marketing offers the strategic plans to help you run a successful online business.

Surely, you do know the in and out of your company and the services you do, the real question here is, do your customers or prospective customers really know what your services really are? Can people tell what your business is basically all about with just a glance?

Online marketing is as more effective if not more effective than the physical structures and systems that you put in place for the day to day running of your business.

Emma Gribben, the founder of Digital by Emma, shared a few insight from her wealth of experience on some very basic tips that you should know using the Virgin Media Business VOOM Tour in Belfast recently…

It is quite important to know these facts about your client, you really need to know the channels they use more often, you should be able to speak the language they understand, you must know where your target market is and how to get to them directly. You must be yourself, stand with primarily what your company represent unwaveringly, and be very clear about the language they understand.

Here are three tips she gave that will definitely be of help to you:

  1. Know your space then own it

Emma makes it clear that you must have a unique niche and a brand that you own and it is original. You really need to make that brand come up on Google and it should point to you. This branding ensures that you are at the helm of affairs of the information anyone wants on Google.

Creating your own space online gives you an advantage of reaching a larger audience and fending off competitors who are yet to maximize the unlimited audience the internet offers.

Also, it is very important to be unique and original because you really would want to put your competition onto page two on Google and other search engines

  1. Know your targeted audience

It is imperative for you to know who your market audience is, where they are concentrated, those you are also targeting online and very importantly the language they understand.

Professional Target market profiling is what you really need to point you in the right direction because target marketing will describe what your clients want when they are active online, the type of question they probably would ask and even what they look like.

It becomes paramount to get professionals to help you create the right target market profile for your business which would help your business come up on the first page on major search engines.

  1. Create an appealing experience

Marketing has always strategic, creating originality and having a unique niche by which you distinctly identified gives you the required edge over your competition because your brand automatically becomes the standard by which other organizations want to emulate.

Endeavor to create the right atmosphere and experience that your customers crave for using digital technologies in bringing to life the uniqueness and the excitement your client stand to gain from using your services or products. Emma said. “We are consuming digital content all the time so you need to find what is unique about your business.”

How do you do it?

Recent research proves that people surf the internet more from their mobile devices, so comparatively, all your online platform must be mobile responsive. This means that all its features can be accessed on mobile platforms primarily as well as on laptops, or desktop or tablets.

Emma said: “Start with mobile and build it from there. If you are not mobile optimized you will lose out.”

When creating your mobile first website though, it’s important that you only include the necessary information. Don’t overload your pages with too much – keep it simple, Emma recommended.

Now that you are on the World Wide Web, it’s important to make your website light so that it can load in less than 3 seconds because waiting on a web page to load isn’t professional. Use these test sites Google’s testing site, to score your website and see how yours performs.

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