Simple Ways To Cure Loneliness

Loneliness is a negative emotional shift . It is a feeling of not being  carried along like a child who feels neglected by his peers having fun for lack of understanding or inability to do what others are doing.  Moreover, social isolation can also cause the feelings of loneliness but  such cannot be a sole factor for loneliness.Image result for Loneliness

This is because one can be in the midst of the crowd and still feel lonely. Loneliness can be both emotional and psychological in nature. It is a feeling of emotional disconnection from happenings around.

Studies have shown that loneliness can lead to a number of health challenges. Long term feeling of loneliness can result in overall health break down causing cardiovascular diseases, dermatitis, depression and alteration of the immune system cells in a way that increases susceptibility to illness.
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Furthermore, recent studies have found that loneliness can be contagious. This  is because staying with people experiencing loneliness can make one feel lonely too in the verge of trying to help them.
 Loneliness can also be triggered by memories of the past resulting from lost of love ones or marital separation. This is because the human brain loves to analyze things, events or circumstances.

This momentary analysis can lead to a feeling of loneliness especially when thoughts like ” why is everything going the wrong way? ”,  ” why can’t I be loved back as I’d really deserved or desired? ”

Once thoughts of this nature start  creeping into the mind, the feelings of  sadness, low self esteem and depression becomes inevitable. Image result for Loneliness
Loneliness is one factor that can lead to heart attack when allowed to linger on unchecked or unattended to. Its funny but realistic to know that a person can also feel lonely without being able to actually figure out why. Loneliness can also occur as result of change of environment which may not be really detrimental or life threatening.
According to Theresa May, loneliness is the sad reality of modern life as it affects both the physical and mental health of people across demographic of age bracket. According to Steve Cole, a genomics researcher at the university of California, Los Angeles, people who feel lonely fall at increased risk of cancer because the white blood cells seems to be more triggered in a way that increases inflammation resulting in strokes and increased stressed level.
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Loneliness is a feeling and a perception which involve the way we view ourselves and the world around us. Loneliness can be chronic and life threatening.
So, to put an end to this unwanted mysterious feeling, the following tips can help cure loneliness.
*Identify your feelings. This mean recognition of the fact of what you’re feeling (loneliness) and identifying its root cause. Most people who feel lonely find it difficult to actually trace the root cause of that feeling of loneliness. So, in order to actually discover that, a quick survey of things to be grateful for need to be itemized.
In doing this, other aspects you’re not grateful for will pop up with a feeling linking you to that feeling of loneliness. In that way, you discover what actually cause your lonely feeling which you can work on to get rid of that lonely feeling.Related image
*Change of mindset. Change of mindset can help reduce or get rid of loneliness. This is because most people who feel lonely often think that people don’t want or love them. With this attitude, it becomes very difficult to understand what people honestly feel about them.
*Step out of your comfort zone. Leaving your comfort zone to meet new people, see different environment can help divert your mind from that feeling and focus your mind on something new.
*Get busy. Image result for Loneliness
Loneliness can be as a result of Boredom. Thus, to get rid of such feeling, it’s advisable to engage yourself in creative activities or doing a volunteering job. Volunteering to help others can create a positive mental shift in you that will wade off the feeling of loneliness.
You can volunteer to help older women especially widows or homeless children. What other tips do you think can help cure loneliness? Feel free to write me or comment on the comment box.

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