See Reasons Why Kids Should Not Sit In The Front Seat Of Your Car

If a child is below 13 years old or not big enough for the front seat, then they don’t have any business seating in the front seat. It’s so sad spotting parents driving with little babies or 3-year-old kids in the front seat. Some of these kids even stand up to have a good view of the road ahead when the car is in motion. Note: It can’t get crueler than this.

Babies that are below 1 year old should ride in a car seat facing the rear of the car. They can face forward or backward between ages 1-4 depending on which is more convenient. 4-7-year-olds should use a forward-facing car seat after which they can use the booster seat until age 13 or when seat belts are good enough for them. In addition, height and growth level also have a role to play so you may not rely on age only.

See reasons front seats are very dangerous for your kids:

1) Airbag May Not Deploy

The front passenger seat of most cars has a weight sensor that turns on the front passenger airbag if the sensor registers a weight up to 30kg (this figure may vary). So if you have a 20kg kid on that seat, the airbag will be off and a major impact is probably sending that child right through the windscreen. You certainly don’t want that.

2) Airbag May Injure Or Kill The Child If It Deploys

If the passenger seat sensor senses the child’s weight and the airbag deploys, this may be catastrophic. The front airbags are made to protect adults. They are very powerful when they deploy and this may injure or suffocate the child.

3) Seat Belt Won’t Fit Them

When we were kids, we used to fit our Daddy’s clothes, shoes, and belts. Guess what, they were always too big for us. Obviously, you can’t have a child’s car seat in front. So imagine trying to restrain a 5-year-old with the seat belt, it’s either a mission impossible or a suicide mission. It would probably injure them rather than save them.

4) They Can Fiddle With Stuffs And Distract The Driver

How many times have you yelled at your kids! “Stop that!”, “Don’t touch that!”. They’ll always look for something to touch. That’s their specialty; then you put them in the front passenger’s seat close to the gear lever, controls on the dash, power window and door switches. Sorry pal, they just can’t stop fiddling with all that.

5) No Child-Lock On The Front Doors

I got cracked up when I saw 2 kids arguing that the back doors would never open from inside. They grumbled as they clamored that it’s only Daddy and Mummy’s doors that do open. Little do they know it’s for their own safety. A safety feature children who seat in front are deprived of.

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