Sunday, September 20, 2020

Randeep Rai’s Drool-Worthy Collection Of Shoes


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Update your shoe collection seeing Randeep Rai’s shoes!

Randeep Rai's Drool-Worthy Collection Of Shoes

When it comes to style, we have our big list of tv celebs who can give you major style goals. Well, the style too has evolved over this year. We saw how men are donning skirts and how women are wearing jeans and suits.

Time changes so do the fashion change. But it isn’t always about the outfits, it is what makes our outfits look good, and shoes give a perfect touch of slaying to your look.

We are talking about Randeep Rai. Maybe he looked old fashioned but stylish in those 90’s costume for his show in Yeh Un Dinon ki Baat Hai but, it is nothing compared to the character he played on-screen in real life.

He has a different charm; a unique piece of style and his fashionable outfits make him fashionista.

We scrolled through his Instagram feed and found out that he loves to keep it simple in casual and when you look at this sexy and god in casual then we hope to keep slaying in casuals.

Randeep Rai did various photoshoots and we saw him sporting different shoes. But it seems white is his color. He loves to wear white sneakers and sometimes black. But the shoes he wears goes with his outfits and not we but the picture says it all.

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