New Device That Generates Own Electricity To Hit The Market. Get Ready!

DMCA Technical Resources (PTY) Ltd situated at No 10 Protea Street, Kempton Park Extension 3, Johannesburg, is proud to announce a cutting-edge development where its own renewable energy model will soon be unveiled to the market. PCRD is a device that is invented to replace the combustion engine that uses hydraulics in place of fuel, gas and engine oil.

The technology converts mechanical engine into electricity that will also substitute the use of generators, solar power systems, gas turbines, hydropower and the like. It does not rely on any primary source like all other generators. It’s a device that generates its own electricity, making it a revolutionary tool for a wide range of industrial purposes. DMCA Technical Resources’s business goals are to benefit the South African and African continent markets.

The company said PCRD can be used in the following sectors:

i) Power sector – to generate electric power of any capacity ranging from 20KVA to 10, 000 MW (megawatt) as a standalone green energy/power generation.

ii) Automobile sector – to power any automobile including motor bikes, tricycles, cars, buses, trucks, trailers, earthmoving machines etc.

iii) Aviation – to replace the well-known jet engines.

iv) Maritime sector – to sail any type of ship or vessel of any size.

v) Rail sector – to move the modern train without having the overhead cables, making it faster and better as it will reduce downtime arising from stolen or damaged power cables.

vi) Agricultural sector – to substitute all old tractors and other machines that are used for food processing.

vii) Mining sector – can substitute various machines that use electric cables, etc

viii) Industries/factories – substitute engine powered/based machinery systems.

ix) Companies etc – to substitute engine powered equipment.

Presently the prototype is market ready however it still needs a few touch ups or modifications to perfect it. This small phase requires an injection of about a quarter of a million rands.

“We want the device to be world class standard and once we get the cash injection we will immediately perfect the device mainly to reduce the noise levels,” said Chris Amabi, the inventor.

PCRD’s purpose is based on that it is important to have the constant, affordable and reliable power supply, especially in developing countries. Energy consumption does not only make life easier but it affords economic competitiveness and bridges the gap between the rich and poor. This creation is a means to create jobs for millions of youth in South Africa and Africa and eliminate violence, crimes and dangerous trips across seas and rivers to look for employment.

DMCA Technical Resources intends to start manufacturing of this product in South Africa before extending to other African countries and finally to other parts of the world. For more details and other investment possibilities, contact the inventor or call: +27733012653

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