Major Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

In this post, I will be sharing with you some of the major causes of unemployment in our country and how you can be smart enough to avoid repeating or making the same mistakes that have kept other applicants in the same spot. I will encourage you to take your time to explore some of the secrets that I will be unfolding here with you. But before then, I would encourage you to read my previous post – How to find a job in Nigeria. This post is a continuation of that previous post.

Trying to solve any problem in life without, first of all, finding the cause of such a problem is nothing but a waste of time and effort. If you to see any medical doctor for any health related problem, you will find out that he does not start administering treatments immediately. What he does, is to conduct a test on you to know the exact cause of the problem before he can administer the appropriate treatment on your case. The same thing applies here.

If as an applicant, you have been applying for jobs for a long time and you are not getting any positive response from your potential employers, then I think it will be wise for you to pause and ask yourself some life-changing questions like: What am I doing wrong? Does it mean these companies that I have applied to are not contacting other applicants? If they are, why are they not contacting me?

Then you will tell yourself this truth that all of these companies that have not contacted me cannot be wrong at the same time. So, there must be something I am not doing correctly. Asking yourself these questions and also telling yourself this truth will not only change your approach but will also force you to seek every necessary information that will be of great assistance in your desired quest.

Also, if you have been waiting for one “Uncle” somewhere that has promised a job to fulfill his promise or you have been looking for one “Big Daddy” somewhere to help you a job, it will also be very important for you to ask yourself some thoughtful questions as well. You can start by asking yourself questions like: how long will I continue to wait or look for someone to help me get a job? Does it mean that if I make up my mind today to get all the appropriate information on what it takes to get a job that I cannot find myself a job?

If you can genuinely ask yourself these questions, you will be surprised how many changes that it will cause within you and will be very ready to pay any prize or sacrifice that it cost you to find yourself a job. Below, I will like to share with you some of the major things that cause unemployment so that you will be able to make every necessary adjustment as it applies to you.

The ‘God’ Factor

You may want to ask, what has God got to do with this again? Maybe it will be nice for you to be patient with me as I drive home my point. Stay with me and you will understand clearly how this can affect your job hunting adventure.

In Nigeria today, there two major religions and maybe other minor ones. But as a Christian, I would like to illustrate my point using the Christian people. Telling God to do what you are supposed to do is being irresponsible without knowing. How do I mean? If you are looking for a job as a Christian for example, all you do is only fast, pray, go for all night miracle services and after that, does nothing simply because you believe from the Bible that: …that with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26 NIV), do you think you can get a job even after you have done all these without applying for any job? What about the Bible verse that says: …faith without works is dead also (James 2:26 NKJV)?

My point here is that God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33), so He cannot contradict His words. So if any of us believes Him for a Job, he must show it by backing his belief with his actions (works). That is after he has done all his prayers, then he must do all the necessary job applications that are required to get him a job. This is where many folks miss it. They only pray and start waiting that one day job will get a job without applying for it. This one of the major reasons why they have waited for so long because nothing works until you make it work.

I would like to also make myself clear, here, that prayer is very important in our lives. I am only saying that when you pray alone without backing your prayers with corresponding actions will make your prayers ineffective. This is one of the reasons many of us are not getting results from their prayers. So it is PRAYERS + CORRESPONDING ACTIONS = DESIRED RESULTS.

The ‘Self’ Factor

Having a poor belief system could negatively affect everything you do in life as a person. If you already believe for example, that finding a job is very difficult or you do not have the connection to get you a job, this may negatively affect your actions which will also hinder you from taking all the necessary steps that will get you a job.

It will really be very important for us to change the way we see ourselves if we desire to see positive changes in our lives. There is no doubt that searching for a job requires some hard work and discipline as well. So it will demand some time and efforts. Knowing this fact alone will give you some level confidence and this will enhance your approaches in making your dream a reality. So, my dear friend, I like you to always put in your best in all that you do in life, most especially now that you are searching for a job and you will be very surprised at the results that you will get at the end of it all.

The ‘Who-You-Know’ factor

If you would recall from the introductory part of this post, I talked about this subject and I may not be discussing much this. So I would like to believe that you already got an idea of what I meant by this subject.

Many applicants have allowed their minds to be programmed either directly or indirectly by believing that if they do not know or have anybody at the ‘ Top ‘ that they cannot have any job. What a false belief! Some may have gotten theirs through this means but do you know that out of the so many applicants waiting and hoping to find their dream job through this means that only a very few fraction of them actually succeeds?

Who knows, maybe you are among the many applicants who have not found anyone to help or connect them to their dream jobs that are why you reading this now to know exactly what to do next. But what will you do when you don’t have or find anyone to link or connect you? Sit and wait or start wasting your valuable time looking for one?

This is where many applicants have found themselves today and this is one of the major factors that have been holding them back. For you, I know that you are among the very smart applicants that would like to do things differently to get different results in your job hunting that are why you are reading this now.

My point here is that it is possible to still get a job without this humiliating method of looking for who can help you. Do you know that no man can help you more than you can help yourself? Don’t you think it will be more dignified if you can do it yourself rather than getting the help from someone that may end up trying to act as if he or she is your god? All you need to make this happen, my dear friend, is just the right information (just like the one you are reading right now) and your willingness to apply yourself to the very information that you have gotten.

My next post will be how to correctly search for a job. See you then!

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