Kempton Park inventor produces electricity

KEMPTON Park inventor producing his own electricity believes he has just invented something the world has never seen and it’s going to shock the masses.

EXPRESS was invited to the office of Chris Amabi(38), a self-taught engineer who asked that all electrical power cables be disconnected from his home as he produces his own electricity and can produce enough electricity to power his entire neighborhood.

The Protea Road based Kemptonian is a qualified accounted who quit handling numbers in the banking sector, to follow his one true dream to understand engineering and build something that is going to change the world.

When Amabi was younger, he was interested in engineering but his late father wanted him to study accounting and work for the banks, back home in Agbor, Nigerian. “My late father filled my university (college) applications forms and applied for me. Since making him proud was important to me, I went on and became an accountant. Later on when I was working I would study and do research about engineering stuff but when my late father passed on in 2001, I prayed and asked God what is my purpose on this earth and he gave me the idea to build something like this. I started working on this invention since 2001 until I dropped everything I was doing in 2009 to solely focus on it. The journey was extremely tough as it had a lot of failed attempts but today I am proud to say I have created (invented ) something that can power a car and have it travel to Cape Town from Johannesburg and back without filling petrol. This technology can power an aircraft and have it fly in the air without coming down to refill. We are looking at the possibility of what used to be impossible. This long journey landed me in South Africa and now I have a team of 14 helpers amongst whom are from Nigeria, South Africa, and Zimbabwe – bringing their genius together to this cutting-edge development,” Explained Amabi.
The man who refused to call himself intelligent but gives all the glory to God said, “I invented something the whole world has never seen called the PCRD ( The principle öf converting a regenerating device). This is a device that is going to replace the combustion engine that uses hydraulics in place of fuel, gas and engine oil. The technology converts mechanical engine into electricity that will also substitute the use of generators, solar power systems, gas turbines, Coal power, hydro power and the likes. It’s a device that generates its own Renewable electricity, making it a revolutionary tool for a wide range of industrial purposes,”

Amabi also built an alternator which he said has enough strength to power all the homes on Protea Road and he is currently using a normal generator which he built by himself to power up his entire office and all electronics. “I built this generator which uses gas and battery so I will be able to demonstrate how unique and efficient my stand-alone green energy device is when compared to what the world is used to generate electric power. I plan to invite several African presidents when I make the official launch of this invention. I want the whole world to see what an African has built. Right now I am making numerous of presentations to engineering scholars and university professors to get their signatures. I was just at the University of the Witwatersrand and I still have lots of places to go to,” said Amabi.

Amabi removed the cover of his invention and wants more people and government to see it work for themselves. He said he has turned down international invitations to present his technology because he fears that those countries like to take over and eventually it will not look like an African built the technology. “I just want people and investors who want to see this invention breakout without taking credit away from the African child. “Imagine a train that travels all day without electricity cables in the air and coal inside the train. This will only have my unique hydraulics system on the train, powering it all day long. The world is expensive today because you buy a car, you have to keep fueling it and then comes lots of maintenance costs. But my device generates a lot of power to go on and on as long as there is no leakage of its liquids,” he explained.

Amabi explained that he wants the government to realize the PCRD’s potential and jump into it just to make more history. At the moment a couple of men from the Ekurhuleni Energy Department advised him to move the device outside a building and build a foundation that will eliminate vibrations.

Those wishing to learn more about the device or be invited to the viewing are welcome to make contact with Mr. Amabi (the inventor) on 073 301 2653.

“I have been working on this project for a very long time. I do not want people’s money. I just want people or the government to invest in this technology and help me make history. The world does not have anything like this,” said the man who now believes it can be possible to have an aircraft that can travel in the air forever.

This idea has been patented on national level and the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) is in progress

Potential uses:
i) Power sector – to generate electric power of any capacity ranging from 20KVA to 10, 000 MW (megawatt) as a stand-alone green energy or power generation.
ii) Automobile sector – to power any automobile including motorbikes, tricycles, cars, buses, trucks, trailers, earthmoving machines and so forth.
iii) Aviation – to replace the well-known jet engines.
iv) Maritime sector – to sail any type of ship or vessel of any size.
v) Rail sector – to move the modern train without having the overhead cables, making it faster and better as it will reduce downtime arising from stolen or damaged power cables.
vi) Agricultural sector – to substitute all old tractors and other machines that are used for food processing.
vii) Mining sector – can substitute various machines that use electric cables, etc.
viii) Industries and factories – substitute engine powered machinery systems.
ix) Companies – to substitute engine powered equipment.

The EXPRESS will publish a follow up with a video showcasing the device.

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