How To Find Your Desired Job In Nigeria Starting Today!

Hello, friend, I want to thank you very much for taking the first step towards changing the course of your life in the Nigerian job hunting game. Your taking this step shows that you are ready to make all the necessary changes that will land you into your dream job within the shortest possible time. I would like to encourage you to carefully learn, the things that I will be sharing with you in this post because this may be the only opportunity that you may have to get this kind of first-hand information. Do have a nice time reading!

It is no longer news that finding jobs in Nigeria is almost an impossible adventure. This is because of what I call the “Who-You-Know” syndrome that has negatively affected the minds of so many Nigerian job applicants today. What do I mean? It is often believed by these applicants that it is who you know that matter in the Nigerian job hunting adventure. This implies that if you do not know or have somebody at the helm of affairs of any company or firm that you intend to work, then the possibility of you getting a job is very slim.

Most of these applicants spend almost all their time looking for the so-called ‘Connection’ that will give them the job that they so desire and this has made so many of them lose their valuable assets. Some have even gone as far as borrowing money to give to someone that claims to be at the helm of affairs or knows who can help them get a job as quickly as possible, while some of our female folks have been misled all in the name of getting a job. What a pity!

You may want to ask, does this mean people are not using this “Who-you-know” to get jobs in Nigeria? Yes, some may have gotten theirs through these means but do you know how many Nigerian applicants that have been wasting their precious time and life, all in the name of waiting for one ‘big dude’ somewhere that may have promised them a job? What a waste of time!

My question here is, does it mean that all the employees in Nigeria got into their various offices only by this means? You will agree with me that there must be so many other employees that got theirs without having to pass through anybody. I know of so many people that got theirs without anybody’s assistance. How did this happen? You may want to ask. This was the reason for this post – To help as many persons that will be humble enough to apply some of the secrets that I will be sharing in this book to work in their life.

Below, I will be revealing some of the major causes of unemployment in our country and also share with you some of the exact things to do in order to distinguish yourself from the crowd as an applicant.  I believe that it will make no sense doing the same thing over and over again when you are not getting any positive results from it.

It’s high time we changed the way we do things if we must experience positive changes in any aspect of our individual lives. So I will encourage you to take your time to ponder and digest this piece of information (as it applies to you).

Understanding the Nigerian Job Market

In Nigerian job market today, you will find out that things are gradually changing as the traditional way of applying for jobs are now becoming obsolete.  Almost all job applications are now be done online. What does this imply? It, therefore, suggests that applicants will have to make all necessary adjustments as quickly as possible, to match these new developments in the job market.

Another important fact that I will like to share is that, because of the huge volumes of applications that employers receive each year, it now almost impossible for them to spend much time trying to go through all the individual CV of applicants.

From my research, I have discovered that employers or job consultants are not willing to waste their time and energy going through any CV submitted by an applicant when it does not contain what is required. Well, I will take my time to talk more about this in the later part of this post.

Recently, I was going through some online articles and I was very surprised to learn that employers and job consultants spend less than one minute to go through an application. How is this possible? You may want to ask like I did when I was reading those few lines of articles. As I did more research, I realized it was true.

Employers spend only a few seconds on the first page of your CV and if they cannot find what they are not looking for, then it is trashed or dropped immediately. How you present or format your CV is key to your job hunting success. In my next post, I will also be sharing with you some very helpful tips on what to do. But before then, I will like us to discuss some of the major causes of unemployment in Nigeria.

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