Five Steps to Correctly Search for Job In Nigeria

Now that you have known the three major causes of unemployment in Nigeria and how you can you completely avoid the same mistakes, I think it will be very important at this point, to also share with you the next vital steps to take in order to win the job hunting game. This is where you really need to take seriously because you may never find some of the information that I am going to be sharing with you in any book or material. So I will really, encourage you to take your time to digest this piece of information and put to work what you have shared with you here. Join me now as we get started!

  • The Right Mind Set:

 You may want to ask that what this has to do with finding a job. If you permit me, I would politely tell you, in my opinion, that this is the most important factor to be considered if you must be successful in your job searching adventure. Without having the right frame of mind all the time, it will be very difficult, if not impossible for anybody to achieve anything tangible in life.

What exactly do I mean? I am saying here that having the right mindset is simply being positive that any challenge you face in life, that there must always be a way out of it. You now convince yourself that as our individual names are different, so is our destinies. So if other applicants are not finding jobs, I must get a job because I don’t have the same destinies with them. This is the kind of mindset you need to build in yourself all the time and once you are convinced about this, it will be impossible for you to be discouraged in your quest for finding the right job.

Before we talk about your next step to take after this, I will like to encourage you, to always let this mindset be in you and to completely avoid any friend or group of friends that will make you think otherwise if you are not able to make them think like you. I trust you will not allow them!

  • Choose your Areas of Interest:

 Searching for a job demands some hard work and it, therefore, requires some strategic approach. You should avoid the temptation of applying for any job vacancy you find simply because it is vacant. This is because all the job vacancies are not meant for you. This means that there are some jobs that you qualify for and there are others you don’t.

So it will be very important for you to choose the areas or sectors in the job market that you are interested and making applications as it applies to you. For example, if you are a fresh graduate with no previous work experience, you should focus more on ‘Graduate Trainee’ job vacancies and other jobs vacancies that require no previous working experience. This will save you a lot of stresses and discouragements.

My point here is that when you focus more on job vacancies that relate to you, it will save you some energy and you will be surprised at the results that you will be getting as you put this into practice. In the next step, you will be learning some new stuff about putting your CV formatting.

  • Customize your CV:

 This is the next step to take after you have chosen your areas in the job market that you want to make applications to. For example, when you come across any job opening that you are interested in, you should not just be in a hurry to send your CV without taking your time to go through the job requirements. Once you are done with that, you can then customize your CV to suit the requirements of the job by rearranging it in descending order of importance. That is, putting the most important points in your CV before the less important one. Let us move now to the next step. 

  • Join useful Networks:

 This is one of the things that you need to do in order to take full advantage of the job vacancies that are available in the Nigerian job market or any other one in the world. You can join networks like job forums, News Papers, Facebook fan pages of companies of interest, Church Service groups, some professional networking sites like LinkedIn and others.

The point I am trying to establish here is for you to enlarge your job hunting network.  It could even be by connecting and sharing job vacancy opportunities with your other friends on Facebook and Twitter. This is because, whenever there is any job vacancy, it is very this networks that you can get first-hand information.                             

  •  Keep Records of all your Applications:

 When you start making job applications, it always very advisable to keep records of all your applications either by creating a folder in your existing email account or by opening a separate email account just for this purpose.

This is very important because of there may be situations where you have edited your CV to some job applications, so when you start getting responses from the applications that you have made, it will now make it very easy for you to locate such applications from your records and review them accordingly.

The Only thing that can negatively affect

The only thing that will make all this information that you have now acquired not to be effective is LACK OF ACTIONS (PROCRASTINATION). Well, I want to believe that you will not allow this to rob you of your job.

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