Five Great Speed Dating Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Finding it difficult to carve out time from your regular social circle to meet and make new friends for the sole purpose of meeting your deep emotional needs and to make stronger relationship connections with people that are interested in finding a match and possibly begin a serious relationship with you.

Speed Dating gives you the perfect opportunity of meeting different types of single persons in a fun-filled way who are willing to mingle within the shortest time frame and start a life long lasting relationship.

Here are five great Speed Dating ideas that you can use to make the most of your night:

  1. Speed Dating is just a perfect way to have a quick snapshot

Firstly, settle this in your mind when going out on a Speed Date, you have a shot at getting a first impression on your potential lover or life partner. So concentrate on freeing up your mind to see things as they are. You have about 3-5 minutes to create or form an impression during the Speed Dating session.

  1. Five minutes is long enough to continue a conversation

I just knew I really wanted to meet him again, says Jennie a participant of speed dating in London.

Five minutes is enough to exchange standard pleasantries and to know if you really wanted to go on a real date. Even though the timing looks short but it’s enough time to have a fun filled conversation and start a spark.

  1. Speed Dating is refreshing and fun filled.

Speed Dating gives you several options at meeting several persons without getting to look awkward when trying to make an introduction or feel tense wondering how you are going to ask for a number or contact information.

Speed Dating takes all that drama away because the people you meet are interested in the same things are you are and you are only going to say yes or no on your card and the organizers will just email the contacts of those who want a proper date with you.

4 Speed Dating has got standard rules unique to the organizers

It makes it feel very refreshing and relaxing to know while in speed dating that there are boundaries to our discussion, so I know what is safe to talk about. Then I can do my proper and thorough research on what to talk about and form my questions before arriving at the venue. I am more prepared mentally, emotionally and highly ready to mingle with the single and ready to mingle gorgeous ladies or gentlemen because I know my punch line and in a better and open frame of mind to have a conversation.

  1. Be moderate in everything you do

Speed Dating can be an intriguing and exciting experience but it will depend largely on your preparation towards it. It can soon turn sour when you are not well prepared because what you wear, smell, says and all you do will either make you appealing and attractive to the opposite sex.

So it’s perfect if you dress simple and look neat, you avoid alcohol because they don’t even serve alcohol in most speed dating centers. Avoid talking about negative and mundane personal details about yourself,  especially when it is frustrating.

Also, avoid discussions about your past relationship because people can read in between the lines and that would put you at risk in having access to creating a positive impression and image with your date.

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