BTS Members’ Y2K Fashion Style Evolution


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BTS Members’ Y2K Fashion Style Evolution

Following BTS’s style development is entertaining and feels more doable to mimic than trying to learn their dance moves, as most of us can only sing and dance with our BFFs for a living in our dreams. Additionally, BTS is hot stuff in terms of fashion. They dress in a variety of bright colors, wild prints, and patterned fabrics. In other words, they don’t hesitate to try new things with their look.

Let’s examine the group’s stylistic development, beginning at the beginning, in honor of their killer ensembles.

They all appear to have recently finished a soccer match or breakdancing practice. They immediately established their fashion domination by wearing sneakers and knee socks with gold chains. Considering that this group ensemble is an artistic creation, it only seems to sense that they showcased this look at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul. The group’s fondness for gold chain necklaces remained a constant marker during their early fashion days, as you can see here (again at the Ilchi Art Hall). In addition to owning it, this marked the beginning of their showy attire. We adore Jimin’s sleeveless jersey-style tee, sideways cap, and double jewelry the most.

When BTS attended the 2014 Gaon Chart K-pop Awards at Olympic Park, they appeared to have stepped right out of a winter wonderland of fashionable attire. The spotless white shoes with white designs and embellishments provided a welcome change from their 2013 black monotone style. Congratulations to J-Hope for wearing a white cap, blazer, and sneakers that match. The boys flaunted their love of skulls and crossbones when they performed at the Lotte Card Art Center. The band’s look is a mood, from their leather coats to the bomber with the skull logo to the skull t-shirt.

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