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In one of my series on mind management I did mentioned reasons why the mind should be cautiously guarded while highlighting the risk factors of allowing the mind to wander into unpleasant thought resulting in all kind of negative experiences because of the poor decision made which is a product of the faulty mind. In this series, I will outline various ways to keep the mind in check to live a meaningful life.

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In my years of research and studies on mind management, I observed that most people especially writers had often streamlined these mind management techniques to four main headings which are:

  •  Vision and goal setting
  • Memorizing your goals or stock taking
  • Getting rid of limiting belief
  • Positive declaration and affirmation.
However true these are, their effectiveness is based on other techniques or principles which are mostly ignored but are gateway to the mind. These other principles or techniques are what I called the caution principles. They are:
1.  Cautioning the Eyes (Mind Management Techniques 1): The human eyes and the mind works together . That’s in equal step. This implies that it is what the eyes see that the mind interpret, process, think about, visualized and even act on. Take for instance A man who consistently watch a nude girl’s photos will consciously or unconsciously start receiving sexual thoughts as  a way of interpreting the photo because the eye is the mirror of the mind.
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However if I walk pass you for example and am naked as a woman but your eyes is closed maybe you were meditating or so, you won’t  know let alone to ponder on how I look being naked. As such my being naked won’t arouse any sexual thought in you because your eyes never sees it neither will your mind be able to process it. Does cautioning the eyes means closing your eyes and walk like a blind man you may ask? The answer is No!
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It simply means to exercise discipline in your mind that even when your eyes wander into such scene you didn’t never want to view you have to condition your mind not to process that image that represent such scene. That means you are to deliberately refuse to think about it or imagine it ever happen.
This is because giving thought to it will either pollute your mind or nourish your mind negatively from thinking result oriented. It is only when your mind is edified that you talk of vision and goal setting.So to manage your mind, you must watch what you see, process or ponder on because what you see forms an image in your subconscious mind which may either make or mar your vision .
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2. Information Cautiousness (Mind Management Techniques 2): Its a common knowledge that information comes by hearing just as faith and fear comes by what you hear. The information you hear or received may either spur positive vibes(determination) in you or create  the fear of failure in your subconscious mind thereby retarding you from setting and actualizing your goals. Information also have a way of altering your feelings positively or negatively.
That means what you choose to hear has a direct link to your mind depending on your level of mental discipline.  That’s why Someone who is sick of STDs will still be healthy when he/she is yet to know of it but the moment he/she hears it from the doctor fear set in immediately and that same healthy person will start dying rapidly not solely because of the ailment but because of the information. Information they say is power but we never bother to ask what sought of power comes with it.
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Information either make you happy or make you sad and depressed. So to manage your mind and be productive in life and career you must of necessity be cautious of what you listen to and even when you did listen to what you shouldn’t it is of necessity to condition your mind not to process or ponder on it. Lack of this information cautiousness is why most people with brilliant business idea never take steps because they have been told about people who failed, got depressed and frustrated doing such business without taking out time to research on those who succeeded in such business or why those who failed actually fail.
3. Cautioning Your Word( Mind Management Techniques 3):
The tongue is one of the smallest part of the body but very powerful as it can create and destroy in the same way. It can set a whole family apart.  Cautioning the tongue here mean cautioning the words we speak just as one need to be careful of what he listen to. These words either negative or positive reside in the mind as a result of what the eyes sees and what the ears has listen to and are easily expressed through the tongue as words that can either make the hearer happy or sad.
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So, because these internal conflict are always resident in the mind you must constantly mind your utterances and keep declaring and affirming positive self building statements about yourself or your business irrespective of how dwindling the business may be doing. Most times people close down their health and businesses with their mouth before it eventually closes in reality. Reality is of the mind. This way you can also boast your self esteem.
4. Thought Consciousness (Mind Management Techniques 4): Thoughts are silent words that keeps the mind bubbling either negatively or positively. Its a bye product of what you see, hear, and feel. You must discipline yourself about how you process your feelings, what you see and what you hear. Focus your mental power (thought) on becoming a successful person rather than thinking about how badly someone treats you.
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In summary, like I mentioned earlier the four first techniques ( Vision and goal setting, stock taking,  that’s memorizing your goals, getting rid of limiting belief inherited myths e. t.c ) work effectively when the cautioning acts (self discipline) is strictly adhere to.
If any of these techniques mentioned in this series has helped you in a way do comment on the comment box or peradventure there’s one or two techniques you know will be beneficial that I omitted to discussed please do comment as well. Every comment and contribution is highly appreciated to serve you better.

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