10 Best Injector Cleaner 2018

You may want to ask, why Injector Cleaning? It is quite an obvious fact that many people still wonder if it is necessary to use additives for engine treatment and maintenance. Engine treatment and cleaning are highly recommended by expert technicians for the role they play in improving the overall performance of the Injector engine. Injector cleaners basically remove and eliminate carbon deposits, moisture, emissions and enhance the engine to perform to its optimal capacity.

Here we have come up with a list of the best-used Injector cleaner in 2018 and have highlighted their unique features.

  1. 3M 08812 Injector Cleaner Bottle – 16 fl. oz

It effectively treats and cleans dirty fuel Injector riding it off every deposit which improves the idle and throttle response of the Injector engine.


  • It effectively cleans the fuel Injector
  • It is fuel economical and it restores the loss power of the system
  • It eliminates stalling and hesitation caused by dirty Injector which in turn improves the engine performance
  • The bottle has been designed for easy use to avoid spill when in use

  1. Stanadyne 43566 Performance Formula Injector Cleaner, 32 oz

This product of Injector cleaner is compatible with both fuel and diesel Injector engines for the protection of engine system. It is one of the foremost products that are mostly used because of its efficiency it has when used.


  • It completely cleans the Injector engine
  • It enhances and improves the horsepower of the system
  • It improves combustion and it is fuel economy
  • It functions well with both diesel and fuel injector engines.

  1. Renewable Lubricants Bio-Plus Injector Cleaner Gas Conditioner

The Bio-Plus Injector Cleaner basically is a bio-based addictive which is effective and it is multi-functional because it is compatible with both carburetors and Injection engines.


  • It offers fuel efficiency usage up to 15%
  • It meets the international standard as set by the EPA and manufacturers of automobiles
  • Offers thorough fuel intake and valve cleaning and treatment
  • It makes for clean combustion leading to fuel economy

  1. Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner 32 oz

This Lucas Injector cleaner is designed using a mixture of suitable slick oils and additives with a high concentration of detergent action which frees up the engine to perform at its optimal capacity.


  • Its oil is used to pass a smog test
  • It is used for treatment is for automotive (fuel and Diesel) engines
  • Improves the overall performance of the engine

  1. PJ1 13-12 Injector and Carburetor Cleaner, 12 oz

This is a multi-functional cleaner which treats and cleans both Injector and carburetor engines effectively.


  • In one treatment, it cleans both Injector /Carburetor engines and intake valves
  • It is able to keep the system in top shape as it eliminates deposits of carbon from the system
  • It restores lost power and improves the overall performance of the system
  • It does not harm the catalytic converter of the system or react negatively with lubricity of the system

  1. Throttle Muscle TM2639 – +75K Super Concentrated High Mileage Gas Treatment and Injector Cleaner 6 Oz

The throttle Muscle TM2639 has been designed to perform two basic tasks: higher mileage improvement in vehicles and also to completely treat and clean Injector engines.


  • Thoroughly cleans intake valves
  • Assist in the prevention and elimination or rust or corrosion
  • It used for protection of gas line freezing
  • Accumulated sludge in the Injector is dissolved and eliminated

  1. Berryman 1112 B-12 Chemtool Injector Cleaner Fuel Treatment, 12 oz. Pour-In Long-Neck Bottle

It is designed with the best quality of detergent and high-energy solvent technology which makes it one of the most used Injector cleaner on the market.


  • It quickly disperses moisture
  • It is fast in dissolving of deposits, gum, vanishes and other residues
  • Highly effective in the cleanup and treatment of the tank and lines of the engine setup
  • It offers quicker starts, improves smoother idling and the overall performance of the system

  1. Autool Launch CNC602A Injector Cleaner and Tester with 110V Transformer

It performs operations of ultrasonic cleaning of the Injector engine and it removes completely every particle or deposit of carbon from the system


  • This unit has different couplers and adaptors which facilitates the cleaning of Injectors in the vehicle
  • It is used to perform several tests on the Injector
  • It enhances the overall performance of the system
  • It is fuel economy and restores power to the system

  1. ACAREPRO Injector & intake valve Cleaner

This product is designed using an excellent formula that completely removes and eliminates harmful deposits and substances from the Injector engine.


  • It has improved formula for the complete elimination of carbon deposits
  • It enhances the reduction of fuel consumption
  • It restores the power of the engine which increases the engine performance
  • Compatible with all types of gasoline Injectors
  • Effective cleaning efficiency

  1. WARREN DISTRIBUTION MG810147 12 oz Concentrated Injector Cleaner

It is a concentrated Injector cleaner and has been formulated from jet fuel.


  • Effective cleaning of Injectors and Intake valves
  • It adds extra shine to use
  • Fights power loss efficiently and restores it
  • It reduces friction in the system
  • It makes for improved drivability because it enhances smooth rough idle.

From the reviews and feedbacks gotten from users of the various products of Injector cleaners, it is now crystal clear why it is very important to treat and clean our Injector engines. If you have not been using any of these additives, then it is high time you started using one because of the positive effects they have in the performance of your engine

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