Top 10 Best Gas Additive 2018

We all want our engines to operate at its optimal capacity so we go for regular engine maintenance, repairs and practice routine activities that will ensure that the engine is always in top shape.

The use of Gas additives to enhance and improve the performance of our engines are very effective because they are manufactured using advanced technology that protects, eliminates and prevent problems that may reduce the efficiency of the engine.

The additive plays a major role in ensuring that the engine functions at its optimal power at all times because it helps to protect, prevent or perform treatment such as the elimination of carbon deposits, gum, and varnish which elongates the lifespan of the engine itself.

Care also is highly needed when choosing the best and most suitable type of gas additive that is compatible with your engine type. So we have done thorough research on the top 10 best gas additive that is effective and known to have built a reputation for themselves over the years for using the best treatment technology in the manufacturing of its gas additive

  1. Star Brite Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment Gas Additive

B0014419UQThis brand has a reputation for only producing standard products over time. The feedback and reviews received from its brand show that it is among the most used gas additive product for engine treatment.


  • It cures, protects and used in preventing ethanol fuel problems
  • Assist in the prevention of phase separation
  • Enhances engines to kick easily, run smoothly
  • It can stabilize gasoline for up to 2 years

  1. BestLine 853796001955 Engine and Gas Additive

B009IAIX7AThe BestLine brand has been produced with patented technology that improves the overall performance, stabilize the durability and restore the power of the engine with one treatment.


  • The kit includes everything that is needed to treat, clean, lubricate, prevent, protect and preserve the engine.
  • The presence of gasoline conditioner which increases fuel mileage, fuel economy and optimizes combustion to its optimal capacity.
  • Reduction of harmful emission
  • Restores loss of power and improves engine performance

  1. K-100 K100-G Additive, Gas Treat/Stabil, 8 oz

B008Y2CFGSThis product of gas additive has improved technology of elimination of water and all issues caused by water and it is fast acting.


  • It enhances the engine to perform at its optimal capacity
  • It eliminates all ash or deposits as it performs its treatment and cleaning
  • It completely cleans all fuel system and leaves no residue or deposit
  • It dissolves completely gum and varnish
  • It also revitalizes and stabilizes the system for a longer time

  1. XLP Gas Fuel Additive

B002GU4SN2This brand boasts of its effectiveness to completely clean, treat and improve the performance of the gas system in one treatment.


  • It has high lubricity that reduces and prevents friction
  • It completely eliminates deposits and improves combustion
  • It is fuel economy and improves mileage

  1. Manhattan Oil Scented Gas Additive 4 oz Rocket Cotton Candy

B002DQH4W6This product is multi-functional because it treats, cleans and also specifically designed to eliminate exhaust fumes which are unpleasant and harmful to the eyes, skin, nose, throat and other irritations that it comes with the fumes.


  • It is safe to use on all internal combustion systems
  • This additive is compatible diesel fuel injected engines
  • It is also compatible with fuel injected engines
  • The additive does not inhibit engine performance


  1. Cerma Gas Fuel Treatment Concentrate 16-oz Bottle

B00AZONM1KCerma products are characterized by their efficiency and compatibilities with different engine types. They are designed to eliminate and remove moisture, water and have great levels of lubricity.


  • When used, it lubricates, protects the upper engine
  • Its protection is unmatched and unique as compared to other brands
  • It reduces emissions up to 92% and friction up to 80% harmonics
  • It enhances and improves the overall performance of the entire system
  • It restores the power of the system


  1. STP 78578 Gas Treatment – 5.25 fl. oz.

B00C183QLOThe STP brand gas additive is engineered to improve the quality of gas with the addition of effective and powerful cleaning agents that assist in fighting against the accumulation of harmful deposits of carbon and other harmful substances.


  • It saves the gas level by ensuring the fuel intake is kept clean
  • It protects and prevents fuel in line freeze
  • It protects the fuel system and eliminates the deposits of carbon, gum, and varnish
  • It is made with Jet-fuel which is a high career of effective and potent ingredients


  1. Synergyn (FS-GAS-32-MP) XTrA MPG Gas Fuel Saver – 32 oz

B00G8ZV7JYThe sysnergyn brand is designed specifically to improve fuel economy significantly and engineered to ensure that the engine works to its full capacity.


  • It is fast acting in restoring the lost power of the system
  • It offers added lubrication
  • It reduces and protects against greenhouse gas emissions
  • Releases more heat that improves the fuel economy

  1. Gumout 510018 Gas Treatment

B0010M4M6KGumout products are designed basically to remove moisture and water from the fuel which enhances the quality of the gas which in turn extends the lifespan of the engine.


  • This gas additive treatment is oxygen sensor safe
  • It is also safe to be used for turbocharged and supercharge vehicles
  • It prevents rust and corrosion
  • It prevents and protects against gas line freeze


  1. REV X Adrenaline Marine Gas Fuel Additive – 8 fl. oz.

B01BM8MGFUThe Adrenaline Marine gas additive brand is designed to promote and enhance the efficiency of the gasoline and the overall performance of the engine.


  • Its treatment increases the quality of the fuel which in turn makes for increased power and torque.
  • Its treatment eliminates all negative issues associated with ethanol up to 20%
  • It is a performance enhancing additive that improves the general performance of the engine
  • It is an OEM warranty secure
  • It is fast acting because it dissolves gum, varnishes and the deposit in the fuel system.

Gas additives are vital to the overall performance of the engine and it should be used to improve the performance of the engine and just like any mechanic would manually carry out repairs and maintenance on the engine parts, the use of gas additives is just as effective.

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