10 Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Additive

The use of Injector additives is very important to the performance of the engine because the materials with which these additives are made enhance the engine to function at its optimal capacity and power. These additives not only clean the system but also help in maintaining the engine so that it operates to its maximum capacity without breaking down.

Here we have made a list of the best selling Injector cleaner additives that are reputable for the quality services they offer.

Chevron 179620 Pro-Gard Clogged Fuel Injector Cleaner with Techron Additive Bottle

B01BI1709STechron brands are reputable for quality and standard products. Techron fuel additives clean completely harmful residue and deposits from clogged fuel injectors and dirty carburetors as well in one thankful treatment.


  • It eliminates completely harmful deposits from the system that can cause hesitation, engine stumble and power loss
  • It is fuel economy
  • It is safe to use on catalytic converters and on oxygen sensors
  • It is compatible with oxygenated fuels
  • It will not cause engine knock, ping or run-on

ISO-HEET 28202 Premium Fuel-line Antifreeze Water Remover and Injector Cleaner, 12 Fl oz.

B000V4HC7YThis product has antifreeze as an additive which absorbs 5 times more water and moisture than any other product. This unique quality makes this brand the most sold products.


  • It is effective in removing water from the entire fuel system
  • It is fast acting and quicker than other brands
  • Compatible with both gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Offers quicker starting
  • It prevents stalling and keeps the system clean

AMFleet’s Powerlene Gasoline Fuel Injector Additive

B078G6CP8PIt has been tested to meet the standard specifications of ASTM. This fuel Injector additive improves the engine performance and maintains it as well.


  • Improve performance and increase mileage
  • Prevent fuel line freezing, and eliminates water in the fuel.
  • It eliminates sludge and particulate
  • It enhances for better combustion and power
  • It removes water from fuel and protects against corrosion
  • It cleans Injector and valves

Throttle Muscle TM5853 FX805 Synthetic Complete One-Step Fuel System and Injector Cleaner

B01BL2N7XCThis brand is designed using unique engineering that adds important additives that improve and enhances the power of the engine to function to its optimal capacity


  • Presence of Octane Booster and Mileage Improver additives
  • Designed with concentrated engineering formulation which increases fuel economy up to 2.3%
  • The formulation helps to eliminate and remove contamination from the fuel system
  • Presence of the highest concentration of detergents additives for effective cleaning and treatment
  • Helps in the reduction of emissions
  • Presence of synthetic upper cylinder lubricant

Stanadyne 38557 Gasoline Additive, 8 oz

B015P3VT5GThe Stanadyne Gasoline Additive is designed to improve and protect gasoline direct Injection engines and for traditional fuel engine systems. The technology used to assist in the elimination of harmful deposits stored up in the fuel engine system.


  • Presence of detergent helps completely cleans the system
  • Eliminates and protects against deposit build up
  • It offers high lubricity and maintains the system
  • Improves fuel economy and restores the power and increases the performance
  • It protects against corrosion and rust in the fuel system

Prestone AS731-12PK Synthetic Fuel Injector Cleaner with 0 to 60 Booster, 16 oz

B078LWFCC3The prestone brand is manufactured using additives that quickly restore lost power and enhance performance by eliminating deposits in the combustion chambers and cleans completely the Injector, intake valves, and fuel system.


  • 0-60 booster which assists in the increase of octane levels by 5 points in the regular unleaded gasoline
  • Restoration of lost power and performance
  • It lasts for up to 3,000 miles
  • It restores acceleration loss

Orion 5000-EL Synthetic Engine and Fuel Lubricant

B0797J4Z2WIt has been designed to allow the free burning of fuel which reduces the deposits to its minimum thereby allowing the entire system to operate at its optimal capacity.


  • High lubricity which reduces maintenance and failure of the system
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous Fuel Additive
  • Treats 1,280 Gallons and compatible with all fuel types
  • Improve Fuel Injector and DPF Issues!

AIYOU Biotechnology products Fuel System Cleaners Fuel injection system Fuel-efficient 15% 10/box

B01HH7OMW0The AIYOU injector fuel additive is designed using the latest technology of biochemistry science. Its ingredients aid and ensure that combustion is complete which eliminates harmful deposits and improve the performance of the engine.


  • The ingredients used in its product are fast acting which ensures that the Injector engine is completely clean
  • It restores lost power and is fuel economy
  • It extends the lifespan of the system
  • Its products are biological and it is odorless
  • It saves fuel by 15%, Increases power by 20% and clears smoke black by 80% and reduce engine noise by 5-20 decibels.

Motor Honey C196-12 Premium 2 in 1 Injector Cleaner Plus Octane Booster, 14 fl. oz

B01BGC29XQThis brand has engineered an Injector cleaner and Octane booster in one product which makes it the perfect additive for Injector engines because it increases the octane levels and improves the elimination of carbon and harmful deposits in the system.


  • It increases the power and improves fuel mileage
  • It cleans and treats the Injector engine
  • It increases the octane levels
  • It protects and prevents the engine from knocking and pinging

TPx Fuel Additive for All Fuels – Biodegradable – Reduce Emissions – 6 x 4 Ounce Single

B0728KMGVJThis product was formulated and designed to reduce suspended deposits and particles through synergistic combustion which improves the combustion rates significantly.


  • Its technology makes for a cleaner injector system
  • It is fuel economy and decreased fuel cost
  • Emissions are reduced significantly
  • Compatible with all fuel types

From the list we have made above, the different products and brands are all unique in their ways because of the function they perform.

The materials and technology used in their production as indicated it the feature column will help you to choose which particular product to purchase and use that will be best suitable for your injector engine.


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