10 Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

Why Injector Cleaning you may want to ask? The answer is quite simple, there are always deposits or residues that built-up in the internal Injector or diesel fuel system which affects the efficiency and performance of the entire engine system.

So using these additives and cleaning detergents maintains and ensure that the system is clean at all times and the risk of breakdown or power loss is reduced or eliminated significantly.

Here we have highlighted the 10 best diesel fuel Injector cleaner that is readily available and are known to be effective to restore the lost power and improve the overall performance of the system.

  1. Stanadyne Performance Diesel Injector Cleaner QTY of 4 – 8oz bottles #43562

B00HBA4J2MStanadyne Diesel Injector Cleaner brand is a product known to be effective in cleaning dirty diesel injector engine. It is uniquely designed to add high levels of lubricity which reduced friction.


  • It improves the operating performance of the engine
  • Maximized fuel economy
  • Increased Horsepower of the engine
  • Performs deep cleaning of the injector eliminating harmful deposits
  • Improved combustion

  1. Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost 

B00IUGFZJWThe Hot Shot’s Secret brand has concentrated cetane as an additive which is effective in bringing stability to the diesel fuel Injector system.


  • Deep cleaning of diesel fuel tanks, Injectors, and lines
  • It eliminates water and moisture from the system
  • It has high lubricity which lubricates the Injector and pumps
  • Presence of additives which inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Improve fuel economy and mileage

  1. STP Diesel Fuel Treatment & Injector Cleaner 1.25 pt (20 fl oz) 591 ml

B0009PCPSQSTP Diesel Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner have been designed and engineered with a formulation that protects against corrosion, rust and deposit buildup of substances in the entire diesel fuel system which would have an adverse effect on the power and performance of the injector system.


  • Protects and prevents against fuel line freezing and against wax gel formation
  • Improved lubricity which protects the Injector and pump from wearing out
  • It maximizes fuel because keeps the Injector clean
  • It maintains high performance by ensuring that keeping the Injector and fuel system clean


B01DQ9AF1AThe BG brand design is multi-functional because it is compatible with both diesel and fuel Injector system. The Injector cleaner is designed to eliminate or dissolve all fuel deposit stored or buildup in the Injector engine or fuel system.


  • Diesel fuel systems have stability issues but with this treatment, it restores stability.
  • It reduces emission, the buildup of carbon and power restoration
  • It is especially effective with high-pressure common rail lines
  • It improves cold starting and smooth idles

  1. Howes 103067 Meaner Power Diesel Kleaner – 1 Quart

B003G54MOGThe Meaner Power Kleaner products are been tried, tested and proven to be effective to be an additive for today’s Ultra Low sulfur fuel Diesel (ULSD)


  • It is designed to treat, and resolve issues caused by ULSD
  • High lubricity which prevents against rust and corrosion
  • Cleans Injector deposits of carbon, Gum, Varnish and other harmful substance
  • It maximizes fuel economy
  • Improves engine performance

  1. Penray 105032 Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner – 32-Ounce Bottle

B00G4TWBDAThis product is engineered to dissolve and disperse Asphaltenes (black fuel). In its operation, it cleans, treats and unplugged injector while it increases the lubricity.


  • It cleans and assists to protect the fuel filter and injector plugging
  • The increased lubricity helps to prevent corrosion and rust
  • It fights against effectively extreme dirt, grime and sludge cases
  • It is biodiesel compatible and also ULSD compliant

  1. Throttle Muscle TM8674 DiXtreme 8 in 1 Turbo Diesel Fuel Treatment and Fuel System Cleaner Diesel Extreme

B01LXP7M7HThrottle brands are unique and boast of being one of the most effective diesel cleaner additives you will find because of the quality users experience.


  • It enhances the level of lubricity of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • It protects and fights against corrosive substances, Wax and Ice crystal growth
  • It increases the cetane number by 4
  • It improves fuel economy and the reduction of emission
  • It lowers the level of fuel pour point by up to 35 degrees

  1. FPPF Diesel Injector Cleaner 32 Oz. Emissions Improver

B0053ZTO2MThis product of diesel Injector cleaner is effective in deep cleaning of the injector engine which improves the combustion. Better combustion makes for improved fuel economy and a stabilized system.


  • Presence of detergent additive is responsible for the complete cleaning of the system
  • It is fuel economy because of the complete and clean combustion
  • It eliminates and removes sludge, varnish, and deposits
  • It restores the power of the system
  • It is a fuel conditioner also

  1. Diesel Power! 15220-6PK Fuel Injector Cleaner and Lubricant – 40 oz.

B00B966GIEThis brand is designed as a concentrated formula which has an added advantage for deep cleaning of the entire Injector diesel lines and system


  • It cleans, treats and lubricates the whole engine system
  • It is highly compatible with all diesel engines
  • It is ULSD compliant
  • It restores the power of the system and makes for maximized fuel economy
  • It improves the performance of the system


  1. Amsoil Diesel Injector Cleaner

B075QP6Y9RThe AMsoil Diesel Injector Cleaner eliminates the performer-robbing deposits from diesel fuel injectors


  • Its additives ensure that dirty Injectors are cleaned thoroughly
  • The Injector and pump are well lubricated to prevent wears and tears of the system
  • It extends the fuel filter line which improves the lifespan of the work
  • The restoration of power and torque effect
  • It leads to the reduction of smoke and emission

Diesel fuel injection cleaners basically function to clean, treat and improve the performance of the injector and engine life of the machine.

Remember, that when the deposits of carbon, varnish, gum and the likes are not eliminated or reduced or removed from the system, these substances build up and inhibit the performance of the system.

So it is quite important to practice regular or periodical cleaning of the injector to boost its efficiency.

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