8 Signs That You Are Truly In Love

Love has always been a great experience and those lucky enough to have received it do cherish the memories and would do everything humanly possible not to let it go because words are never enough to describe truly how it feels to be in love.

This is the reason why during relationship counseling’s, you find people who have taken this to the extreme, they would do everything just to be with the one they love, but true love isn’t that way, it’s not a do or die thing, it’s way more than that. The love experience is 50-50 thing, it’s a give and take and not one sided which means love can be done in moderation or an overwhelming experience from both sides so when it seems like it is becoming one sided and being unnecessarily too emotional, just know that something is amiss and being over affectionate doesn’t really mean that’s love. Here are 8 tips to follow which shows that you are really in love.

  1. Hmm, at least listen to what the “psychological experts” are saying.

Too many persons still believe that the being passionate in love must be an overwhelming experience and others feel it should just be moderate where you are not too crazy about your partner. The real thing to watch out for here is that, is that if the feeling is consistent, and not that today you feel great about your partner and tomorrow you have started to ask yourself if he’s the one or not? Love is consistent and can either be expressed moderately or with deep intensity.

  1. You value every time you spent with your partner

You always to be around your spouse at all times, and as long as it is possible you do not want to be separated from your partner even though you are not doing any fun thing together, the sight alone of just seeing your partner means the world to you. Spending time together at all times gives you room to form better emotional bonding and creates life memories to be cherished forever.

  1. It does not feel like home when your partner is not with you

Like the popular saying, home is where your heart is, now that your heart is with your partner, it has grown to become your home, when you are not together even you are in your house it becomes empty since he or she is not home with you.

  1. You feel safer with your partner around

You have grown to trust your boyfriend or girlfriend opinion which validates the things you do and you can allow yourself to be vulnerable with him around without any fear. Even though you are independent of your partner, when you are weak, you can trust in the strength of your partner and your partner will surely come to your rescue.

  1. Your partner does not scorn your weakness but makes it look beautiful

Your boyfriend sees all your flaws and still loves you even more for it because in his eyes they make you human. That’s exactly how he makes you feel. Your man empowers you and never would he belittle you for being human with these traits. He cannot make you feel bad for not being an imperfect person. In earnest, so he makes you embrace your personal flaws. Because he has the power to make you feel better about who you are.

  1. You genuinely want to know everything about him.

No you are genuinely curious and very interested in his personal life and everything about him so you begin to put effort into finding out everything about your man and not like you are investigating him to put behind bars because he has become your idle so you want to know the thing that makes up his character and personality.

  1. You would do anything to make him happy.

When your partner is happy you are happy. You are always thinking of several ways of making him feel comfortable and happy. You can run errands for him. You would just buy him gifts even when he didn’t ask or needs it. All you want to do is put a smile on his face and make sure that he’s happy when he’s with you.

  1. You put his needs above your own even if it means having to let him go.

His well-being is of great importance to you which has made you develop a sense of selflessness for him which can practically make you do all you know or can do to make your boyfriend happy. Even when it means to let him go for his own good even though you know you would cry for months for letting him go his separate way.


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