8 Reasons The Girl In A Serious Relationship Make The Best Of Friends With The Girl That Is Always Single

  1. The fact is that the friend who has got a serious relationship needs some time and space to clear her head. So the one without a serious relationship is the next point of call.

Don’t get this the wrong way even though she does A LOT with, and for, her better half which she loves to do over and over again, she also do craves for some moments without him.

This is the time she wants to let her guard down and experience what it feels like to be single once more without compromising her commitment to her relationship. Only the single girl without a serious relationship can offer her that opportunity without any string attached.

  1. The friend who’s always single and the friend who’s in a serious relationship never compete against each other.

Normally, when the single friend is going out like she usually does with her single friends, the scene differs from either a completely free-for-all or each single friend sticks with the normal routine which varies from the single who has got several guys swarming her and wanting to buy her drinks or the single  girl who is swatting those charming swarming guys away.

But the case is different when the single girl goes out with the girl having a serious relationship, she assumes the role of the wing woman automatically for the free and single lady. The girl with a serious relationship is willing to flirt and chat with all types of guys like the prince charming and not so Prince using her go to the line that she’s already involved with something tangible and the guys are obliged to buy her drinks based on good conscience.

  1. The friend who’s always single pushes the friend who’s in a relationship outside of her comfort zone (in all the right ways).

The single friend always is the one that brings some crazy fun to the friend in a relationship like riding a bull is the perfect thing to do on a Friday night. The single friend brings some spark into the life of the relationship friend by ensuring she goes outside the box of her relationship without compromising her significant other and they both enjoy the benefits of their friendship.

  1. The friend who’s in a relationship gives her brutally honest opinion of the single friend’s dating life.

The friend with a serious relationship is better informed on the benefits of having a partner so he wants to help the single friend to chose the best partner and not being carried away with persons that come with flashes and just promises. She wants to help the single friend make the right decision.

  1. The friend who’s single appreciates the opinion of her friend who’s in a healthy, committed relationship.

The experience they say is the best teacher so the single friend knows for sure that her friend who is settled in a healthy relationship can give her sound advice and the push she needs to think settling down with one man even though the single friend might not be interested in staying with one man at first.

  1. The friend who’s in a relationship has other single friends she can set her up with.

It’s much easier for the friend in a relationship to recommend and set updates for the single friend. The single friend will give these recommended dates their fair chance because of the mutual respect they have for each other.

  1. The friend who’s in a relationship can tell the always single friend anything because she knows she doesn’t have a significant other she tells EVERYTHING to.

Normal life, every relationship has got its unique issues, so expediently it is expected that you have someone that you can talk with you through these issues and have an always single friend would be the one you can vent to her the issues you have. Because you know she’s single and doesn’t have a boyfriend or a significant other she will talk to about your discussion. Your secrets are safe and sound.

  1. The friend who’s in a relationship can count on her single friend to ALWAYS show her a good time.

The always single friend has got no commitment to anyone so she’s always free in doing things that make her happy because she lives a pretty exciting social life or might be at home watching Netflix. The friend in a serious relationship knows this. The single friend hardly ever turns down clubbing, girls night and dancing through sweaty dance hall throughout the night or just to stay at home watching TV with her friend in a relationship. The friend in a relationship knows that there’s never a dull moment with her single friend.

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