8 “Bad” Things That Actually Make Relationships Stronger

8 "Bad" Things That Actually Make Relationships Stronger

There are too many conventional imageries in the minds of people and how they define what makes a relationship “right” or “perfect” between two people. The signs they see, and the conclusion they make based on popular demand and also from experience.

But there are a less conventional means that works very well which would actually bring the spark back into your relationship but are basically not really cool means to do and can be termed bad interactions that are actually healthy and to make any relationship to work effectively.

Here are basically 8 bad interactions or attribute that would make your relation work

  1. Conflicts

Don’t be too happy when there are no conflicts in your relationship because people disagree to agree and gradually, the relationship is being built. Do not always keep your how you feel about yourself over any issue, but always do well to let the anger out by talking or arguing your point out. Remember no conflicts means no trust. You will begin to understand each other’s feelings by so doing and begin to grow and mature together.

Here it is very necessary to the psychological rules of an argument. Which is to, respect your partner; understand that the conflict is local and finite while your relationship is a value; talk not in “you”-messages but in “me”-messages (e.g., not “you’re so irresponsible” but “I’m disappointed”).

  1. Flirting

Naturally, everyone has got some form of innate jealousy especially when it involves pride but here we are looking at how flirting in the most decent way best possible with others just to get the attention of your partner to make him or her more attracted to you. Flirting helps to sustain the mutual sexual attraction while flirting, it helps to boost your self-esteem and gives you a more positive attitude and mood. By flirting you feel freer and likable and this brings out the positive energy into your relationship.

Psychologists recommend that you would know that you have crossed the invisible line when the things you do or words you say would definitely offend your partner, but if you can repeat the same things in the presence of your partner then it’s fine.

  1. Healthy egoism

Healthy egoism actually refers to you standing fixed or making firm your stand on a matter. The caution here is to be able to do the same for your partner when it is not favorable to you. Define the limits by stating it loud and clear the things that you can tolerate and cannot tolerate and stick by them, set your personal interest, hobbies and keep your own space outside the relationship because it will become difficult later with an accumulation of mutual offenses and dissatisfaction which is inevitable in every relationship and if not well managed you will find it very difficult to stay together in that union.

  1. Live through hardships

Every relationship that lasts at some point has gone through its fair share of crises and that is why it is important that you do not leave your partner when there is a challenge or you are going through crises. Psychologists say going through hardship, dissatisfaction, hardships and being patient when angry without breaking things or slamming doors helps you to become stronger as you bond better as you mature up in the relationship.

  1. Agree on keeping some distance

Agree on keeping a safe distance or give your self-space sometimes, this actually helps you to cherish the moments and become passionate with the time you spend together.Every family psychologists do recommend that taking a break from each other brings intrigue and surprises into your relationship and even a brief one, and it is definitely followed by a happy reunion. Remember that there’s freedom “from,” and then that there’s freedom “for,” and these two are totally separate and different.

  1. Do not spell everything out

Telling the naked truth at all times in black and white is not always the wisest thing to do in a relationship, honesty and trust is key but the way and manner you pass information is very paramount otherwise we won’t be able to keep our jobs or have any great friends or even be able to keep a healthy and lasting relationship.

You shouldn’t be making statements like these: you have grown fat after pregnancy, you are just a big liar, but grace your words very well to present the hidden message very clearly to your partner. Not all things are worth mentioning.

  1. Stand your ground

It is bad practice to bid goodbye to great hobbies, passion, friends, interests and your unique personalities just so you can have a harmonious relationship. Bet you, this won’t last long before you begin to feel the ripple effect on you. Because with time you become unhappy and begin to have very bad feelings which when not well managed can lead to devastating damage or conflict.

Remember that any self-sacrifice is a kind of emotional blackmail that poisons relationships: by sacrificing themselves, the person expects the same from their partner.

  1. Do not smother your partner with care

It is not romantic and bad practice to be doing on your partner or guessing their innate desires or even being oh-so-tender when it’s not asked for — in other words, being a good parent is absolutely not an option.

This does have the following results:

Firstly, it causes irritation. Psychologically mature women need a male, not a father. Mature men, in their turn, need an equal partner, not a fussy mom.

Secondly, this extinguishes the spark between partners. If you show parental care and love, you’ll end up being subconsciously perceived as a parent


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