7 ways to keep your relationship alive after you become parents

It’s true that things never remain the same when planning to have a baby and it gets tenser when the baby finally arrives and virtually every that revolves around your life and dramatically changes and your attention immediately shifts to the baby.

Unknowingly to you, your once sweet and most valuable hubby begins to wonder what’s happening and if the right checks are not put in place, your partner most likely is the one that is going to suffer and your relationship would take a downward swing.

You do not want to find yourself in fix trying to choose between your partner and your child. Even as your baby deserves the best care medically and physically available so also does your partner need to feel comfortable and assured that what come may, your partner is adequately catered for and carried along with the new changes that have been made.




Here are seven ways to keep that spark alive after you two become parents:

  1. Go on dates

Creating the right balance is key to successfully manage your home and it can be difficult to go on dates with your partner when your baby is still young. Try to enjoy your spouse’s company anytime you can. If it sometimes means that you have to leave your little baby with some trusted baby sitter or a family or close friend.

Do well to give some quality time to your partner o that your union can work.

  1. Talk about things other than the kids

You are carried away by your new title “mommy” it’s okay but your hubby needs his girlfriend, lover, friend, confidant, etc., back. Also, you need your husband to be more than just a “Daddy” to you. Keep your union alive by always trying to know your spouse better and that should be separated from parenthood.

Remember that 18 years isn’t a very long time when raising children and soon they would leave your home to begin their lives. You do not want to stay with a complete stranger your partner after your kids are gone.

So it is always a great decision to balance your home so that when the kids are gone you and your partner’s relationship will grow better and stronger.

  1. Plan a future together

Parenting is quite a tasking thing to do especially when your child is still a baby. It becomes difficult to think about anything that isn’t centered on the kids from feeding them, tending to their cries or even changing of diapers and comparing yourself with other moms out there. Men generally love to talk about the future, so it is proper to engage them with discussions that relate to the future. Not that it is wrong to talk about the kids and whose turn it is to change the baby’s diaper or to stay awake and care for the baby. But everything should be done in moderation. Try to talk to your hubby about the next phase of the family, the next place to visit on a vacation, just about any great subject about the future and you have yourself to be happy because you make your man fall in love all the more with you.

  1. Flirt with each other

Always try to regularly send each other nice, sweet, flirty texts throughout the day. Just be a little more playful while you are making dinner together. Sometimes it is very necessary to go out of your way to make this happen, your significant other would definitely appreciate this kind gesture and would return the favor to you also. It will make things fun filled and reduce the tense while you two figure out this whole parenthood thing together.

  1. Kiss each other hello and goodbye

Don’t be too in a hurry for work and forget the little things that keep and bind the marriage together. Mornings can get really crazy and pass by in a flurry so take you time to slow down and do the needful by giving each other a quick kiss before any of you walk out the door going out for the day’s business. So kiss them again nicely when they return from home from work. Let them really know that you are passionately in love and miss them when they’re gone.

Putting all your energy on your brand-new baby can really suck you dry, your hubby is an escape to reduce the mental and physical stress in providing 100% care for your newly born. So get physically and passionately intimately active with your partner.

Taking out to time to kiss your partner help to keep some of that physicality alive, even as things begin to slow down between the two of you.

  1. Let it go

Things can really become very tense with the addition of a new member to the family in the home. Both of you two are sleeping less and have less time to focus on your partner and let alone yourself. Sometimes it can get to the point where you two are most likely to snap at each other and say something you really do not mean.

So it’s wise and smart to always make your communication open and honest and please never hold grudges against your partner. Always try to talk things through before jumping into any conclusion because great communication will always strengthen your relationship and nurture it till it waxes stronger.

  1. Share the load

Always put your child(ren) to bed on time and make chore time an activity. Listen to music and do prepare the meals and laundry together. Working together makes chores time pleasurable and enjoyable because you are working together.

One the most important in a relationship is being able to talk to each other and maintain that burning love you have for each other after you had your children and you are still very cool with your partner. If you are having issues with anything, just be free to share it with your partner.

You are both facing these new changes and challenges in life together, but it’s much easier and more enjoyable if you two can work through it all the way.





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