7 Easy ways to win more affection from your partner

To be in love and to feel loved in return is one of the most beautiful feelings ever to crave for. There are not enough words to describe this exact feeling. It is just so awesome.
This is why it is normal to wonder why your boo no longer shows you the tender love and affection that makes you feel very special and it bothers your heart so much that you are not so sure anymore if you still have a special place in his heart.

You have tried repeatedly over time just so you can get his attention by fixing nice dinners and outings, the things you do that he craves for no longer interest him anymore and you have tried all the special things you know to do but none of them is working for you.
Sincerely, I feel your worries and pains which are the reason for this article. Here I have five proven and tested methods from renowned phycologist and relationship counselors to help you win that affection you dearly crave for.

1. Recreate Old and trips Andy memories:
Men generally are wired to always respond and explore anything that offers a route to the excitement and pure ecstasy.
So look inward and bring out those things that drove him crazily in love with you. Was it your fashion sense, the perfume you wore, the food you made him, your sex life, just about any little thing you used to do that he loved.Go back to yesteryears and relive those days.

2. Give him a little competition
A man that likes you will always want other men to know you are with him when attending any public function together.
Just show a little passion when other men compliment you and do ensure that your man sees that passionate look of affection in your eyes as receives the compliment.
Just don’t make your man feel too jealous but be in total control of your feelings and when he comes around just let him take charge.

3. Understand your love language

Dr. Gary Chapman, who authored the book on The Five Love Languages wrote that there are five ways to love a person:
– through quality time,
–  Through affirming words,
–   meaningful gifts,
–   physical touch,
–  Through acts of service.
So it is important for you to understand the love language your partner speak because this will make it easier for each of you to please yourselves.


4. Grow yourself confidence and self-esteem
It’s a great quality for ladies to support and stand by their man, this gives the man the needed respect and confidence he would forever be grateful for. But more importantly, build yourself confidence and raise the bar higher of your personal self-esteem so that you won’t be tossed to and fro by any sudden emotional undue stress.
But with a positive mindset, you can adjust quickly and make corrections to the anomaly in your relationship through talking without having to go through any emotional trauma.

5. Find your passion
In all honesty, when you carve out time to work on your passion, the minute your partner knows that you are now busy doing your own thing, he becomes anxious to know what’s now going on in your life.
So it is a smart decision to work on your passion and do the things you enjoy doing in your free time which now includes when he’s around. Just get involved with a project, it might just be singing and dancing, helping out in community work and try to invite him to join you.

6. Go on a short vacation
Now is the best time to enjoy yourself with these type of treats and your trips sound like a fun-filled trip so he would want to be interested in every detail. The smart thing to do here is calling him maybe once in a day and sound like you are having the fun of your life without giving him specifics.
7. Show sincere affection and respond to his outstretched hands
Communication here is key because being affectionate involves sheer effort from both parties involved. It takes two to tangle, so it’s best to show yourself affectionate then your man would respond to you faster than you can think.


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