There’s a huge difference between the actual act of being passionately in love and the infatuation of having a great sex life which most persons do confuse as the main ingredient that defines love and a healthy relationship. You should begin to check your relationship when the only passionate and intimate time your partner spends with you is only when making love to you.

Signs showing your partner is interested in sex only, not love

  1. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the mood or not, you must have sex with your partner

When your partner can’t listen to whatever you have to say to him or her, because of his urge for sex, even when clearly you are not in the mood for it. He just keeps insisting on having sex, then you should put on the brakes. Most times he cajoles you and even uses a little force on you until you succumb to his will and lust. Your partner just wants sex and not really in love with you.

You can consider it rape if he forces you to even when you are legally married to him. Respecting your feelings per time is a very crucial part of love and it is needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

  1. They have not been staying committed for long in past

In plain terms, if your partner consistent behavior towards your relationship isn’t firm and his commitment in the union isn’t  serious either, then you do not need another proof of his love for you is just in your body and how great or exciting you are in bed.

Love isn’t about sex but showing of respect and sharing about everything you have, your time, gifts, body and life in its totality. Sex is just a fraction of the things that make up your life.

  1. They are only interested in dirty talk

Great communication is another integral part of any healthy relationship but when each conversation is only geared towards sex, and the motive is to consummate in love making. Watch it the type of discussions if they are sexual and dirty and also if he is the only one excited while talking about it. If you do not flow with such conversation, and he keeps at it, then it is a clear signal that the talks represent a mere foreplay before sex and not for bonding you together.

  1. They are not comfortable in expressing their feelings

One major essence of being in a relationship is to have someone support and complement you and also to brings the right balance to your life. To be your strength when you are weak, to be the joy when you are sad, to ease the pain and become the pillar on whose strength you can lean on when your ship is sinking. But if your partner does not live up to these standards and is not even trying to measure up and be there for you. It all goes to show that your partner is only with you just to fulfill his or her sexual needs.

Your partner also should be able to show his weakness to you and trust you to pull through for him, but if it is only you that is showing your insecurity then things are surely not right. This is called emotional cheating.

  1. Your partner is always busy

Your partner should be proud of you to take you out to for picnic or dinner, to meet with his business colleagues or some other social functions. But if he doesn’t take you out on purpose it shows that he doesn’t really feel too great about you and is only interested in having you in his bed.

Also, if he forgets important dates in your life, and isn’t genuinely remorseful by trying to make effort for forgetting those dates, it proves positive that he’s only with you for the physical intimacy alone and not because he is in love with you.

  1. Your partner always wants to spend time with you alone

One beautiful thing about being in love is to make great memories together and create strong bonds that will help you stand the test of time. It is great going out on vacation together and walking down seashore just to chat and play together.

It is also nice just to stay at home and spend quality and intimate time together but when your partner does not like going out with you and he is just interested in romance and sex alone. It further proves that he is just with you because of sex.

Spending some quality time with your partner alone is intimate but if he doesn’t like going out to the movies or dinners and just wants to be alone with you to be just for his erotic pleasure. It means he is with you just for sex and not love.

Each time your partner comes around and he doesn’t spend any time to help you fix any problem or contribute meaningfully to your welfare and is just after you satisfying him in bed, then it is crystal clear that your partner is just with you for sex.

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