5 Ways to Bid Goodbye to Intimacy Issues in Your Relationship

Funny how almost every relationship started on a very high intimacy level where you can’t just breathe properly and looks like you are going to die when she isn’t sleeping by your side or you become so worried and you have started calling friends and family when he hasn’t returned from work and its way past his closing time.

You are left in a very confused state when you are not together and it seems awkward to eat separately or to see a new movie alone but the years have rolled by and so many waters have flowed under the bridge now you are at each other’s throat and can’t even remember the last time you had sweet and passionate sex or do a fun filled activity together. Now you even can’t remember the last time you said I love you to your boo or you lit candles and decorated the bath tub with petals of rose just so you can both bathe together… You just can’t remember anything fun you did recently together.

Here are five ways to bid goodbye to intimacy issues in your relationship

  1. Talk it through with your partner

Physical closeness is most times confused with being intimate, but you can be making love with your partner but it doesn’t really define deep intimacy, it can just be a way of temporary relief and that also can even deteriorate into not physically touching each other.

Couples do ignore very often the little and unresolved differences that arose several days ago, the decision you made without informing your partner, these differences as irrelevant as they seem can play spoilsport on your relationship. So endeavor to clear it by talking through it with your spouse before moving on.

Always observe the mood of your partner and always ask the right questions and remove any bad blood before its too late.

  1. Always get to know your partner better

As a matter of fact, it people become complacent when they have either gotten married or have been together for years and they stopped doing those fun things they did while in their early dating phase and now the relationship is not as exciting as it was because you guys are no longer exploring life as it was before.

Now it’s difficult to connect emotionally and intimacy feeds on your emotional compatibility. Going more on dates is healthy practice and it helps you understand your partner better and the physical intimacy grows on its own.

By all means, always do what you can to improve the relationship by getting to know your significance better by the day.

  1. Give great details to personal grooming

Do not get too familiar with your partner and you neglect to keep yourself properly groomed. Your beards are not well shaved, hair untidied, poor manicure and pedicure, showing up on a date straight from work all sweaty with body odor is bad manners and has been proven to ruin great evenings and dates.

Take out time and look great especially if your partner has complained about the way you look and your behavior towards cleanliness.

  1. Say goodbye to your ex forever

You have found something new and special which is worth preserving and to be cherished please and please again do not mess things up by always saying stuff about your experience with your ex especially when they are pleasurable moments.

Don’t let the past cast shadows on your present because it can ruin everything that you are building. Also, do not compare your present lover with your ex.

  1. The underperforming syndrome

Always checking if you are getting it right and satisfying he, kills or ruin the moment, always be confident and enjoy the moments.

Most men if not all men have the anxiety issue at some point in their relationships, they tend to be too conscious of their performance level which ruins the pleasure and ecstasy of the moments.

To overcome this wrong performance syndrome is to not give a thought to the unrealistic expectations set up by our worldly culture is to feel confident in your skin and be secure.

Remember intimacy cuts across every phase of your relationship and it is not in the physical contact alone. Intimacy is sharing everything there’s to share.



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