5 Things you must never do on your first date

…it was just magical, everything was just perfect as if nature and all creature planned it like we see in the movies, my date was blown away by my charms and the aura from my innate personality and from the deep expression of affection and love I lavished on her.

The wine was perfect and the food her favorite everything was coming together to create our own atmosphere until I blew it up when I made these terrible mistakes on my very first date.

5 things you must avoid on your first date:

  1. Be the one waiting:

Arriving late is bad manners and it is rude. First impression matter, people generally have high regards for those that are strict with time. You score your first point when you usher in your date to the table personally.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to compliment your date

Give honest compliments if you must. People hate to be flattered unnecessarily, so in all, you do be honest and give sincere appreciation. Ensure that each compliment you give is not seen as a bribe but it should be raise the morale of your date and be tactical when showering praises.

  1. Consciously avoid talking about your Ex. Too much

Do not start any discussion that would make you talk about your Ex, and carefully stay away from such topics.

Talking about your ex can create a wrong impression on your date that you could still be emotionally attached to your ex.

Your date is the center of attraction at the moment so stay on discussions that give your date the attention he or she deserves.

  1. Do not hijack the conversation

Nothing irritates your date faster than this when you totally control the pace and flow of the conversation. You keep going on and on talking about everything there’s is to talk about and depriving your date of making any meaningful contributions to the subject of discussion.

Go for a give and take during the conversation because you get to know your date personality and interest during the conversation. It opens you up to your date.

  1. Be well dressed

There’s this saying “be dressed the way you want to be addressed” this holds very true because you are accepted or rejected at a glance. So take out time to choose what you should wear very carefully because the first impression always does matter. It speaks volume of your personality. The way you dress reflects your uniqueness.

Remember, that the simple things you did that helped you to set up the date are the same little things that you should maintain and please not get ahead of yourself because you want to impress your date.










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