5 Secret Things You Do That Makes You Bad in a Relationship

5 Secret Things You Do That Makes You Bad in a Relationship
  1. You are just so caught up with the Normal “Ideas and Rules” in a relationship

You once heard that it should take you at least a few days before returning a call or replying a text message, also you were also told not to show too interested in going out for a second date and the same you have also agreed to the fact that it is always better to give a warm shoulder to that interested mate or date of yours because it gives that potential partner a great opportunity to be more passionate and interested in you.

Listen, you do not have to stick with these so called traditional ideas and Rules that might only reduce your chances of getting the people to respond to you as they should. Love should and must flow naturally and it is important for you to allow it to blossom without playing any mind games because you just might be depriving yourself of actually falling in genuine love with that special person and also to have a great relationship.

  1. You keep maintaining an aura of pure coldness and indifference.

You have believed that when you act cold and are indifferent towards your partner, your partner becomes more interested in making sure that you are happy, but the truth is that after a while they start to feel very uncomfortable with you and it is surely one of the quickest ways for your significant other to leave you for someone else who is more exciting and happy within.

Nowadays, people do and really do respond to those who genuinely and honestly signify their interest and true feelings to the opposite sex. Firstly, people hate to interact with guys that are cold and look bored because your presence isn’t a very accommodating, so naturally, people that are even interested in you can’t even stand you for long thereby you missing out on starting a potential relationship.

  1. You have a haphazard communication with your potential mate

5 Secret Things You Do That Makes You Bad in a RelationshipCommunication is one of the most important ingredients that will and can sustain a proper healthy relationship. Some relationship experts do say that great communication skill with your partner is the most important thing in your relationship.

When in a relationship, the two persons involved are always communicating all the time through verbal and non-verbal means because this practice makes them inseparable and also because they do talk about everything so they do not have skeletons in their closet.

Not having a perfect line and means of communication only yield to crushing of one’s feelings and that person becomes an emotional wreck having trust issues with his or her partner. Poor communication creates a highly restrictive and unconducive environment for both of partners where they cannot pour out how they really feel about themselves or talk about difficult issues with one another.  A relationship like this is headed for the rocks which is why serious mind people in their relationship always do ensure that no matter how difficult their difference might be, they would still somehow talk about and keep moving forward loving themselves

  1. You don’t give up your skepticism about love

Just maybe you have had some really bad experience in your previous relationships which you are now careful not to repeat it, the hurt you feel inside hasn’t been healed inside out, so you are just there fighting yourself not to express how you really feel about your partner. You are now so scared to do the things you would ordinarily do with the one your heart beats for. You are now so boxed up in your tiny little world.

It is just fine to feel that way, after all, we are all humans and do really need the right space and time to heal and recuperate after which it is then expected again for us to become normal and be excited to start again on a clean slate.

It becomes a huge problem when you continue to dwell in your past and hurting experiences and then let it ruin your once great love life. You just cannot put out your love life just like that but to allow a little light in which would give you hope and a future and allow the light to shine in your heart.

  1. You always tend to give in to all the white noise

There are persons who really do not like to take responsibility for their own actions most especially when it has to do with love and relationship. These set of persons always shy away and cannot stand the heat when it comes so they try to stay neutral on decisions that border on their love life so that if things do not turn out the way they want then they can blame their partner, families, and friends if their relationship fails. If you fall in this category of persons, disassociate yourself because you won’t enjoy the full benefits of love until you are matured enough to handle your business and take responsibility for your love life.

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