5 Easy ways to bring the spark back into a dying relationship

In a fast pace world of today where both partners are chasing after their independent careers, gradually it eats deep into their relationship and before long the once sweet and beautiful lifestyle love and affection dies a natural death.

Only a few persons recognize that their relationship is worth saving before it is too late and make a frantic effort to hold on to both their relationship and career.

For others, a dying relationship can be caused by lack of appropriating enough time into the relationship or one of the partner has become too relaxed and no longer deem it fit to do those little things that once added flavor and color to their union.

Here we are looking at 5 things you can do if you want your relationship to work:

  1. Decide if it is worth saving

I remember Jon a business CEO sitting relaxed in his office when he can’t  remember the last time he took his lovely wife out on a date or been to the games with his 15 years old son. Life was fast fading away.

There and then he realized how empty he felt inside with all the success in business, he is alone. So he made up his mind to bring the spark back into his home.

  1. Rome was not built in a day

The very first thing to do is to call your partner and apologize, then explain how you plan to make things right again. Then you consciously find ways to begin to win your partner’s trust and don’t be in a hurry to achieve that.

You start doing those things that seem little but have a huge effect in your partner’s life and when you do them, be sincere about it so it doesn’t look like you are bribing your way back but mean them.

  1. Be consistent

Humans generally are very sensitive to any act of kindness and affection, so it is wise to be consistent in doing it.

Your partner is still observing if this change is for real so any iota of doubt will hamper your chances of winning the trust.

This is why you must be consistent, and improve the things you do by communicating more with your partner and ensure you get feedback if for any reason you can’t meet up.

  1. Talk through and not argue to prove any point.

When there’s still communication between both partners its an indication that there are love and mutual respect.

Learn to talk your partner through on any decision to be made, let your partner know your next move before making it.

Ensure that the both of you are contributing to the conversation. And compliment her when she complies.

  1. Add color and be romantic

Now she trusts you and believes you, then make her as happy as you can by doing those things that make your partner feel special.

Take her out, see the movies together, go on a road trip or on a vacation. Just do whatever that takes your partner over the moon.

Just give you partner the assurance that you are always there.

Remember it takes your understanding and maturity to make things work.


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