5 Dynamic Tips That Will Make a Man Success In Marriage

Being a good spouse is important in any marriage. Marriage should be a complete partnership where two people come together to please God and strive to help each other better themselves for His sake. With that in mind, here are some tips to help husbands achieve success.


  1. Dress up well for one’s wife:

Dress up for your wife, look clean and smell good. When was the last time men looked good to please their wives? Just like the husband wants his wife to look nice for him, she also wants her husband to dress up for her too.

  1. Use likable names for your wife:

Use the cutest names for your wife. Call your wives by the most beloved names to her, and avoid using names that hurt their feelings.

  1. Recognize the good & focus on that:

Don’t treat her like a fly. We never think about a fly in our daily lives until it ‘bugs’ us. Similarly, a wife will do well all day which brings no attention from the husband until she does something to ‘bug’ him. Don’t treat her like this; recognize all the good that she does and focus on that.

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  1. Thank her:

Thank her for all that she does for you. Then thank her again! Take for example a dinner at your house. She makes the food, cleans the home, and a dozen other tasks to prepare. And sometimes the only acknowledgment she receives is that there needed to be more salt in the soup. Don’t let that be; thank her!

  1. Make her happy:

Make her happyAsk her to write down the last ten things you did for her that made her happy. Then go and do them again. It may be hard to recognize what gives your wife pleasure. You don’t have to play a guessing game, ask her and work on repeating those times in your Life. In conclusion, it is equally important to avoid these Awkward Things Married Women Do That Can Destroy Their Marriage


RECOMMENDED5 Dynamic Tips That Will Make a Man Success In Marriage



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