15 checklist that shows your partner loves Your Body

15 checklist that shows your partner loves Your Body

15.1 He texts late at night

When he texts you late at night just to compliment how sexy and sensual you are and keeps chatting you up telling you the things he loves to do to your body. The only reason he does that is to get you to sleep with him continually, he just wants you for sex.

15.2 He gets angry when you want to watch a movie

Usually, guys are cool if they don’t get sexual gestures at all times. Every girl desires real romance. Girls actually drool over romantic relationships. If you invite your man for a movie and he becomes frustrated easily or bored, SPOILER ALERT!!! He only wants to have sex with you and nothing else.

15.3 You don’t know his friends

He doesn’t give you any opportunity to get to know his friends because it gives him a better chance at ghosting you. The less information you have on him, the more convenient it is for him. He has sex with you a couple of times and then disappears into thin air.

15.4 A sleep over is difficult with him

A guy who is just into you for sex only would hardly ever pass a whole night with you. He will not be direct with you that you should leave but he will always make all kinds of lame excuses about work or something else for the morning. Maybe he would make something up about his family or his friend.

15.5 He hands you all things before your leave

If you are likely to forget things at his place, like a bra, lipstick, a purse or a bobby pin, then you may have a reason to visit his place again. That is why he will ensure you have all your stuff before you leave his place. Even if you show up at his place, you will find out that it is deserted.

15.6 You never had the real date

He will never take you on a proper date like dinner or a lunch or something sweet and romantic like the seaside or a park. Do you know why? The reason is that real men take their women on dates and a sex buddy does not. This is also a red alert that he is with you just for sex.

15.7 No romantic gifts

His gifts to you will constantly be sexual. He will never give you a promising gift like a ring, a necklace or anything else romantic. He would never even get you chocolates or a little teddy bear, or even the little things you love. The only thing he is interested in is sex and getting away from you afterward.

15.8 He always splits the bill

He would avoid paying for the food you ate together. Perhaps he will pay a couple of times but he will insist on sharing the bill most of the times. This is a strong sign that he is just a sex buddy for you and nothing more. He does not consider you his girlfriend.

15.9 He adores your body not you

He doesn’t laugh at your jokes but he adores your ass. He will always say words like hot and sexy instead of gorgeous and beautiful. This implies he does not love you, he only loves your sexy body and he does not want to commit, he wants to have sex with you.

15.10 Foreplay ends in no time

If a man actually likes you, he will respect you and adore you. He would see you with a long-term perspective. He will express intimate feelings and will respect your body. He would want to make love with you instead of having sex with you. However, if your man is nothing like this, then he is just another sex buddy.

15.11 He wants to go back at his or your place after every hangout

Whenever you think that you are about to hang out with him and his friends in the bar or a club you never get to see them. When you arrive at the decided place, he is the only one waiting there. Then he definitely only wants to get down with you.

15.12 He is always trying to start sex

The difference between a real man and sex buddy is that a real man wants to spend some good quality romantic time with you. However, a play boy is only will be interested in having sex with you. If you cannot recollect a time when you were together with your partner and didn’t have sex, then it is a sign that he is just a sex buddy.

15.13 A hug, a kiss and then just sex

A real man wants to do something exciting and adventurous with you. He would go all the way to do some really exciting and romantic stuff that would just melt your heart. In addition, a real man would engage you in discussions on different aspects of life with you like your passion, career, sports, politics, religion and a lot of other topics but a sex buddy will have nothing like this to talk or do about.

15.14 He becomes angry if you deny him sex

If the man loves your company, he will enjoy his time with you and cherish every moment with you. He would always want to be with you. He will engage you in games such as board games. Even if you say that you just want to leave after that, he will be comfortable with you. Whereas, a sex buddy will easily get angry if you leave without having sex.

15.15 He will never talk about anything related to his family

If a man is really interested in you, he would want to know your roots like your family, your home and where you come from. He would love to meet your parents and get to know them. He will also invite you over to meet his parents and he would introduce you to his parents. However, a sex buddy will never talk or discuss family or parents. It will be convenient for him not to talk about the families to stay unattached.



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