12 Signs That Shows You Are Over Your Heartbreak

12 Signs That Shows you’re Over Your Heartbreak

The bitter taste that’s left in our heart after a separation can sometimes take months and even in some serious case years to overturn those bitter memories of feeling used or the feeling to have wasted our precious time with someone you had huge hopes and plans for the future.

These are a few tips that really proves that you have risen from the ashes of heartbreak or separation and you are now ready to start afresh, taking only the positives from the past and hurting the relationship.

  1. You are not really talking to people about your Ex as you often do before and you no longer wish to get back together with your Ex anymore even in the future.


  1. After thinking through the whole period while you were involved in the relationship, you now have a clearer perspective and now convinced that it wasn’t meant to and it is better you went your separate ways because you will be much happier with someone else.


  1. You no longer refer to your ex with bitter or with resentful words, and you are just consumed with greater and better expectations for the future. You are now more relaxed because you are mentally and emotionally balanced to see what the future holds.


  1. You are looking forward to opportunities to meeting new people with an open mind without any guilt or comparing any of the people you meet to your ex or trying to get back at your ex with the people you meet.


  1. You freely give the people you meet the genuine opportunity to make an impression on you because you really still want to meet that special person that will blow your heart away that you can have and to hold. You just want to fall in love again.


  1. You are really catching your fun at any given opportunity, presently you are a single guy and wants to explore life like every other single person out there. You really do not feel the heat like you need to find your significant other to share your life with you right now. You can handle being alone.


  1. You are fully aware that you diligently need to work on yourself to be a better person and have an open mind to learn and rediscover who you really are and taking out time to understand how you missed it in the previous relationship.


  1. You are not pushing people away because you are seeing similar characteristics with your ex but you genuinely want to give them a chance to prove that they can be different but you are just being careful and cautious not make the same mistakes you made in your previous relationship. So you are taking things one step at a time.


  1. You are better prepared for the next relationship because you are now more aware of what you want and you know exactly what to seek after in the person you want to settle down with for a relationship.


  1. You are now more matured to know that people do not change easily so you can put your foot down and say no to any person that is too persuasive and insistent in dating you because you know better that relationship can only work when the partners involved do accept their unique differences and show respect for their personalities.


  1. You are not worried unnecessarily over the ‘void left in your heart by your ex, and you are not still working hard to desperately fill the void and emptiness that you feel in your heart. You understand now that it is better to be alone than to feel alone with your spouse or partner. You want to be with someone that you can see and build the future together.


  1. More than anything, you now know how to feed and satiate the hunger you feel to be loved in other unique and special ways. You have friends that are amazing, family members that support you every step of the way and you are happy once again without the influence of your ex. You are in charge of your life once again and can now make a decision to choose the lucky person to spend your life with.


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