10 Sister Birthday Meme

Parents always want to have a girl as their child because of how valuable they are. An elder sister takes the responsibility of running the home at a very early age.

You definitely want to treat your sister right by appreciating her on her birthday. The use of sister birthday meme is perfect when used because memes will help you say the things you can’t say with words alone.

Sisters are very sensitive to the needs of the home and will do anything to protect her younger siblings.

Here is a list of 10 sister birthday meme that you can choose which meme that best describes your sister.

The overprotective brother, Happy birthday sister

Happy birthday, sister because you mean the world to me.  Brothers can do almost anything to protect their sister from all forms of abuse or at in most cases from boys. This birthday meme captures the heart of most brothers how they can go out of their way to protect a sister even from her husband. Happy birthday, sister.



Naughty Brothers, Happy birthday adopted sister

One cool thing about brothers is that they can be very annoying sometimes but it doesn’t take away the sweetness from them in the eyes of their sister. A sister can absorb pressures from their brother but won’t take it from her boyfriend or husband. This happy sister birthday meme describes how a sister will keep cool in the presence of her naughty bro. Happy birthday, My dear sister you are the best.



Hope Your birthday is as cool as mine

Happy birthday to the most wonderful sister ever. But are you sure your birthday will be as cool as mine? A sister will always lean on the strength of her brother or husband to do stuff. So it is only natural to help a sister plan her birthday because everything should be perfect for her birthday.



Happy birthday and I am your birthday gift

Happy birthday sister, I know you deserve a great gift but I couldn’t think about anything that befits you so I decided to make myself the gift for you. What do you think? Happy birthday from me to you. This is one of the messages that this sister birthday meme is conveying.


Happy birthday sister. I have a gift for you but I was just joking.


Happy Birthday to the coolest old chick ever

As you get older, life begins to make more sense. So it is best to appreciate your sister on her birthday. Call her up or write her using very nice words because a sister is like your mom. Use the right or suitable sister birthday meme to add spice and colour to her day.

Coolest old chic ever... Besides you, of course! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Sister from the serious brother

Brothers do not know when to draw the line from being overprotective or when it is best to relax. It is her birthdsy cut the seriousness and just hug your sister and wish her a happy birthday. This is just the message that is embedded in this meme.



Medea Happy Birthday sister

When Medea wishes you a happy birthday, revel in that split second happy birthday moment because you do not just know what will be hitting you next. So happy birthday sister because this sister birthday meme is all about you.

Happy birthday sister! Now tell me who told mom about the exam grades


The Mexicans will pay for you

Only trump will make someone else pay for your birthday cake. What matter here is that you got your birthday cake. Just get the party started sister with your cake because your brothers are on their way. Once again Happy birthday.



Must I bathe before coming to your party?

Sisters are golden because they teach the boys how to take their bath. You know how it is with brothers, they claim to be mature but will not take their bath before a meal. So now it is your sister birthday and you still want to find out the possibility of you coming. You know the answer already, go and take your bath brother. This sister birthday meme is just classic because it exposes the heart of many sisters.


Happy Birthday Sister. Is bathing necessary to join your birthday party?


It’s your birthday girl take it slow

The cake is for you little sister. So take it slowly because it is your birthday, more cakes and gifts are coming. Happy birthday little sister and enjoy your birthday.


Sis, take it slow girl, Happy Birthday though


Sisters are special so it is important to treat them well and make them feel extra special especially on her birthday. The list we have compiled above of the 10 sister birthday meme all have their unique messages that will make your sister really cool on her birthday.

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