10 happy Birthday Cousin Meme



Cousins are just like brothers or best of friends because of the important role they play in our lives. So it is okay to take out time to always appreciate them, especially on their birthdays. Using happy birthday meme makes the wish more affectionate and heartwarming.

We have made a list of 10 happy birthday cousin memes that are really cool because these happy birthday cousin memes show different emotions which make the memes idea for use.

It’s going to be mad, where’s the party at? cousin

When cousins come together to put up a party, is always unique because it must turn out well. This happy birthday cousin meme let’s us in on the action that something huge will definitely take place. So put on your bounce because it is cousin’s birthday.



Corporate cousin Birthday

Sometimes because of proximity and age differences, the bond that exists between cousins can look very formal but that blood bond is still very active. So let’s enjoy the moments because cousins are always awesome. Happy birthday, cousin.


Happy birthday Cuz

When you call your cousin with nick names then it goes to show that you guys really bond very well. So happy birthday cuz, you know I really do love you because you are the coolest cousin ever. This is one of the numerous messages that this happy birthday cousin meme is all about.


Hey Cousin, Happy birthday

It is your birthday cousin, so let the party begin because you are the best and we are really cool together. No two birthdays are alike when you have your favourite cousin with you because the birthday must be exciting and because of the love that exists between you guys.


You must be happy Cousin

You should be happy cousin because it is your birthday right? The relationship that exists between cousins cannot be expressed by words alone but a great happy birthday cousin meme will make it easier to express how you feel inside towards your cousin. So take advantage of this happy birthday cousin meme.



Trump Cousin Birthday Wishes

When Trumps talks then you know how controversial it might be but never mind it is still your birthday cousin. So do all you can to enjoy your day because it is your birthday. Just be happy that it’s your birthday.



High Five cousin

I came all this distance cousin just to give you this birthday high five. Happy birthday cousin with this high as your gift. Now where is the party and where is my cake. Cousins sometimes can be very annoying but what else can you do? Get your high five and let the birthday party get started.




Cousins and their pranks sometimes

It is always exciting to remember past conversations and memories before wishing your cousin a happy birthday because helps you to use the best suitable words and the finest of cousin meme to send your cousin before wishing a happy birthday. It is your birthday cousin, so happy birthday.



Happy birthday cousin

It is great to have an older cousin because on your cousin’s birthday, you will just wish him a happy birthday wish only cost my voice. So to the best cousin in the world, Happy hearty cheerful birthday. Now that I have done this, where is the party because it is all about the party, drinks and lots of cake.


Hello It is me, your favourite cousin

It is always cool to be the first person to wish your favourite cousin a happy birthday. So hello favourite cousin I am the first to wish you a happy birthday. So you retain your position as my favourite cousin and now I can give you the best gift because it is your birthday. This happy cousin birthday meme is just great because it shows all the emotions of a favourite cousin.



This list of 10 happy birthday cousin meme captures the heart and emotions of what virtually every cousin would want on their birthdays.

So choose any cousin meme from the list we have made and make you cousin feel special on her birthday.

Cousins are exciting as well as crazy but what can you do but to enjoy and be part of their lives. So happy birthday cousins.


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